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Devil May Cry 5 publishes trailer of Dante's abilities

2019-03-06 20:43:03

As there is very little left for the premiere of the new installment of Devil May Cry, the Capcomse company has been delighted to show the latest advances so that all the fans know what they are going to face and know better all the new features of this new delivery. Within the content that they released these last days, they explained to us about the experience that would be played with Nero, and now they provide us with more information about Dante's abilities.
They uploaded a video to youtube from their official page starring Dante, where you can appreciate several stages of the game, showing mainly the skills of this character, their talents and how they will evolve throughout the game in each attack and abscess, so that You can admire the abilities of one of the next protagonists of this story.

Among the main features that most caught the attention, is the fact that Dante could use his motorcycle in the combos, using this as an attack and adding to his weapons reperdorio, you can also see different dexterities and movements where he uses the distinguished pistols of the character, will have new achievements that involve their personalities half human-half demosnio. also several skills that are carried out with weapons are shown.

Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8 for PC, PLayStation 4 and Xbox One.