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Destruction Allstars has arrived, and it is pertinent to tell you How to Customizate Character Appearance, let's see.

What is the customization of the appearance of the characters in Destruction Allstars?

There is a significant amount of options to customize characters, among the changes we can make are the emotes, the color of our vehicle, the color of what our character is wearing and even what he will speak when shouting, so it is ideal to have in mind How to Customizate Character Appearance and details come right now, let's see
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    How to Customizate Character Appearance in Destruction Allstars?

     We will go through the main menu to find the option to customize from the list that will be presented to us, then we make the choice of the character to which we will make the changes through the icons that are displayed on the screen at the bottom, certainly the options for each character they are different in the game, so we have to individually make the changes to these, then once the character is chosen we press R1 to see the possible changes in terms of skins, emotes, vehicle emotes and the screams, what we will do here is activate the option with the X being unlocked, or with the same X we use the coins to unlock and with the same button we confirm to equip it.

     Now with the help of the coins it is possible to access other cosmetic options, which are obtained through the challenges and the combats, when accumulating a good amount we will go through the customization menu, we choose the character, and we can do the unlocking, taking into account the high price to pay, being necessary then to play for a long time to achieve it.

     This is all you need to know about how to Customizate Character Appearance, this way you will get to give them an interesting twist on Destruction Allstars.

    PlayStation 5 PS5
    Vehicular combat
    Lucid Games
    Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    2 February 2021
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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