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Right now there are many users wondering how to escort the mayor to Destroy All Humans.

What is mission 2 in Destroy All Humans?

This is a short and easy mission to complete, it works as an extended tutorial introducing the Holo-Bob, a costume-based power that will become very important throughout the campaign. In this mission you will have the task of escorting the mayor, so if you are wondering how to escort the mayor, then pay attention.

How to escort the mayor to Destroy All Humans.

After you have arrived at the fair you will get the order to scan the minds of various humans. So you will have to scan Miss Rockwell, who is in a giant store. Enter the store with the Holo-Bob active and scan the woman in the red swimsuit, after a few minutes you will go to a quick scene where Orthopox tells you he wants you to take her to the saucer.

When the scene is over you can brainwash Orthopox to follow you to the plate, which is an optional target while the mayor is active.

However, before brainwashing you will have to leave the store and walk to the left side to find the mayor giving a speech on stage. You will have to walk around the back of the stage to make him a new Holo-Bob undetected. This will make the mayor appear transparent without alerting anyone.

Go back to the store and wash Miss Rockwell's serbra to advance.

Miss Rockwell will follow you, so lead her to the cymbal, just be sure to walk in her path so as not to lose her. And in case the Holo-Bob starts to expire, you'll have to scan her or someone else's brain again to update it. Once in the saucer the objective is complete and you can destroy the fair to complete the mission.

 That is all you have to know about how to escort the mayor to Destroy All Humans, we hope that now that you know, you will be able to complete this objective in the shortest possible time and without any problems.

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