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Destiny director Luke Smith talks about the future of the saga after the split with Activision

2019-01-18 20:00:35

With the news that Bungie and Activision were disassociated due to the fall of Activision shares, sales and billing and having offered a greater dedication to Blizzard. It brought as a direct consequence that Bungie was in charge of the development and publication of the Destiny saga, guaranteeing that most of the team continues working on Destiny 2.

Recently, Luke Smith, director of the Destiny franchise, released a statement on the official blog of the game to talk to the community of players about the situation of the company after having separated from Activision and the future of the saga. In the aforementioned post, the director thanked the Activision staff for helping him bring the game closer to his players, also thanked High Moon Studios for their collaboration in Vicarious Visions and Forsaken, as they helped establish a Destiny community on PC and worked with them in Warmind.

In addition to emphasizing their plans, "In the short term, we continue to build the content that we promised for the Annual Pass. We have learned a lot from Black Armory that we will apply in future releases, especially that we would like the initial content experiences to be a better point of convergence for the player base. "

With this Luke referred to that Black Armory established a requirement of power for the first forge too high, that means, it was not a good opportunity to enter the new content by all players. It is for this reason that the team wants to find the balance so that the new content can be enjoyed by many more players. This would be his goal, keep old players and attract new ones.

The director also assured that Bungie is completely committed to the game "We create the universe and keep its future entirely in our hands. The vast majority of the team is working hard imagining future experiences, enemies and ways to play with the Guardian that you have been building since 2014. We will continue to do so. "

Luke Smith claims to see "a bright future" for Destiny
"When I look forward and think of Destiny and where I could go, I see a bright future, rooted in a memorable past, not all has been lost in the dark corners of time."

Notably, these statements by Smith are very similar to the words of the head of the division of Microsoft games, Phil Spencer, when he reacted to the announcement of the break between Activision and Bungie saying, "I expect a very bright future working with one of my favorite independent studies in one of my favorite sagas. "

Destiny 2 available on PS4, PC and Xbox One

The contents that Bungie had planned to launch during the next months for the Destiny 2 Annual Pass are still underway. So there's nothing to worry about, everything goes on as planned before the Activision farewell.

We can only see how both Destiny 2 and the future third installment evolve. For his part, Luke Smith remains very optimistic and everything seems to be on track.

We remember that Destiny 2 is available for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC platforms.