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Destiny 2: Where to find Eva Levante in the Festival of the Lost

2019-10-30 09:16:18

We have made a guide of Destiny 2 where we will show you how to find Eva Levante.

Who is Eva Levante in Destiny 2?

Eva Levante is one of the characters incorporated in the festival of lost souls to celebrate Halloween, in reality she is a guardian, with whom it is necessary to talk and who gives us rewards such as rare chocolate coins, she will make us race in order to get the exact location of the enchanted forest, which is simply a darker version of the infinite forest.

Where can we find Eva Levante in Destiny?

We get this guardian in the center of the main tower, only, that to talk with her is necessary to have minimum 770 power, otherwise we simply can not interact with her.

When we finally have the necessary power, we trigger a conversation with the guardian, because she will give us a search line, which will take us through different events, where we will have the opportunity to participate in different activities that are in the festival, which includes eliminating everything that moves.

We hope that our guide will be useful and you will get the necessary power to talk to Eva Levante, in the tower of Destiny 2.

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