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Destiny 2 wavesplitter PS4-exclusive gun accidentally released on PC and Xbox One

2019-04-11 22:54:09

The accidental reward of access to the Wavesplitter in Destiny 2 for PC and Xbox One

This week started very well for Destiny 2 players on PC and Xbox One. They could temporarily access the coveted Wavesplitter gun. However, the developer Bungie announced that it would revoke access to it.

Apparently the "problem" arises from the exclusive timing of the Wavesplitter for PlayStation 4. As is well known, since the release of Destiny 1, has been presented many missions, multiplayer maps and weapons in each game, expansion and DLC of the franchise, but first on PS4 and giving the rest (Xbox, then) a wait of 12 months.

The inclusion of Destiny 2 to the franchise, I add to the players on PC. In addition to this, it also increased and made more visible the annoying issue of content exclusivity for users who were not owners of PS4.


Wavesplitter PS4 Exclusive Gun in Destiny 2 Accidentally for Sale on Xbox and PC

The manager of the developer Bungie, Cozmo communicated in the forum of disillators that the access to Wavesplitter will be revoked by means of a "solution". Users of PC and Xbox One will have the possibility to use it until then, and that in the future they will be locked in their inventories until the end of their exclusivity loss in September.

This is due to the fact that the players of PC and Xbox One had access to the Wavesplitter, at the beginning of the week, by means of a limited period of time, after the last update of the game, but just before the mysterious one merchant Xur disappeared. The relevance of this was that, among the items sold by Xur, are the Fated Engrams with which you can download exotic items that players do not have in their collection. Apparently, users of PC and Xbox One who acquired these, could get a Wavesplitter in return.

Cozmo's statement made it very clear that this recent release of the Wavesplitter was a Bungie error, which in turn leaves much more exposed the annoyance of exclusive content for PS4 unlike the rest.