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Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: Weapon Of Sorrow

2019-03-14 18:20:59

Thorn was one of the most iconic weapons of Destiny, the first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie Studios.

Thorn is a gun type cannon, looks like an old gun with Gothic style. The players who had this weapon, simply loved it and that is that the taste for it was watered as someone was hit by their bullets with poison, this made players get killed even after they died.

And of course as expected, those who did not have the Thorn hated it, and that is not, if they could not enjoy such a monster.

Loved by some, hated by others ... The fact is that Thorn is headed for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Launch Trailer

The Thorn Exotic weapons are part of the Jokers Wild content expansion of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, and it was reduced with the weekly restart of March 12.

But the expansion also brings several details of the story of Drifter, a rare and evil character who runs the Gambit multiplayer mode of Destiny 2. Dredgen Yor is the one who manages the iconic Thorn, which in turn manages to defeat Shin Malphur using The Last Word , which could be achieved during last season and certain clues that The Hive was working to bring Thorn.

The case and most important now, is that we have a summary of everything you need to know about Thorn and The Last Word below.

If you want to get your own Thorn, you will have to put in a little more than just a commitment, because it is a rather difficult task. Luckily Destiny 2 "makes it a bit easier" by adding options, among them you can play events like Nightfall Strikes or Escalation Protocol. You can also go to the Crucible and try to get it through battles against other players that are sure to go with the same mission as you. . But these options do not stop making this task a long time, so get ready.

Destiny 2's Thorn Quest: Instructions, Tips, and Tricks

If you want to know how to get Thorn, we tell you everything, from where to start, tips and more:

The first thing you have to do is get the remains of a weapon from the Shadow of Yor. This can be done if you find Shin Malphur's camp, which is mentioned in some elements of the story that have to do with Aunor a witch who sends you messages from previous seasons to take care of Drifter. Go to Trostland in the EDZ, look for it and take it to Banshee-44.

After this step you will have to get several types of materials to rebuild the weapon then we tell you what they are:

1. Hadronic Essence: was used by sorcerers to update their things, kill the sorcerers of the Crucible and get it or complete Nightfall Strikes.

2. You will also need some materials from Titans and Hunters: Plasteel, you can get it from the Titan rewards by killing the Titans in the crucible and completing the blind well event in the city of dreams. The deaths and the rewards will give you five each.

3. And the third material that you will need is from Hunters: Sapphire Wire and it will take you to Mars if you take the path of PvE, in it you will have to complete the levels of the Climbing Protocol. Somewhat slow, it has five sapphire wires per level (but if you combine it with two rewards from Ana Bray, you can complete the step with a full execution of the Scaling Protocol) which has seven levels of five sapphire wires per level each.

After getting all the materials and rebuilding Thorn, you must infuse it with Light to make it more than just a weapon. You will have many enemies so the hand cannon killings (which will allow you to change the progress of it) or vacuum killings will be your best options. If you are in Competitive or in the Iron Standard you will have a much more fluid progress.

Although personally cooperative we find an uninteresting option to have fewer deaths and the games are slower ...

A very good point is that you can die without losing your progress, this is quite good, since in case of dying you will not have to start again from scratch and you can accumulate the deaths you want, but you will need 200 deaths with the cannons of hand Void in the group of Valor items, 300 deaths with Void weapons that are not hand cannons, or hand cannons that are not Void.

Your hits should be the last to kill the enemies, or at least they should be to be valid in Thorn.

If you want to progress much faster fast killing spurts with Void handguns, we recommend using a helmet with a cannon to aim.

After crossing the Crucible, you will have to go to the Farm on Earth with Tyra Karn, the criptarch of the farm, for your next step Thorn.

After this, the remaining path is much shorter, an amplified version of Song Strike of Savathun, in which you must kill some Hive Knights and the two monsters during the final fight against the boss will be particularly important.

You will also have to face Blackout, that is, there is no radar, this will help you to increase body-body damage. But surely you will receive a lot of damage, you will have to take care of yourself in those moments of the enemy because you will not want harmful surprises for you, keep distance while you are in combat so that they do not end up with you.

When the strike is complete, Thorn will be in your power.

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