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Destiny 2: Power Level Requirements for Crown of Sorrow Raid

2019-06-05 18:16:19

With the arrival of Destiny 2 Season of Opulence, it has also included the Crown of Sorrow aincursion, an event that has been released for all players with the Annual Pass. In this sense, to inform the community, in this guide of xboxplay.games will be presented details about the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow event including the requirements for power level that new players must have and other details.


Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid

Along with the launch of the new Opulence Season for Destiny 2, the immediate availability of the new Crown of Sorrow event was also introduced. Of course it is little unusual for Destiny 2 that its developer Bungie chooses to do these releases in this way. This is due to the fact that raid launches are usually retained at the beginning of the seasons.

Until recently, there has not yet been a team that has managed to overcome the Crown of Sorrow event, so there is still an opportunity to do so.

If what is desired is to access the new event in the Season of Opulence for Destiny 2, called the Crown of Sorrow, it is necessary to have access to the Game's Annual Pass. This pass can be purchased for $ 34.99 through the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. In this sense, another thing that is also allowed is access to the new content that brings the Season of Opulence to Destiny 2.

On the other hand, to enter the Crown of Sorrow raid for the Destiny 2, it is necessary to meet certain requirements regarding the Power Level.

Level of power required to perform the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid

As a Destiny 2 player, once you have the Annual Pass, it is necessary to fulfill a requirement as soon as you reach a certain level of power. In this sense, you need a Power Level equal to 715, this is the one that must be reached to be able to perform the Crown of Sorrow raid in Destiny 2.

The requirement of 715 as Power Level places the Crown of Sorrow raid in Destiny 2 in half at the new limit for Power Level. This is because the new maximum Power Level that has been entered in the new Destiny 2 Opulence Season is equal to 750.

The Crown of Sorrow raid in Destiny 2 closes the other missions

Another thing that also happens with the Crown of Sorrow raid is that it proceeds to close all other raid missions, temporarily. In this sense, the other missions in Destiny 2, such as Last Wish, will remain blocked until a team manages to overcome this Crown of Sorrow raid, worldwide.

Weapons in Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid

So far, no accurate or reliable details have been given regarding the new weapons that will be available in this new Crown of Sorrow Raid in Destiny 2. However, according to assumptions made in the community based on impressions and past tensions. of the game, everything points to probably going to have three new weapons that will be able to win by overcoming the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid. Beyond these assumptions, no other information is available.

Because this Crown of Sorrow event of Destiny 2 is quite recent, there is still a lot of data to collect, so be aware of all the updates that we are going to be doing.

Remember to always come back here, xboxplay.games and keep using our other guides that we will be adding.

You can also leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or any other details that you want to add with which to help the other players in the community.

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