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Destiny 2: Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal

2019-10-21 13:53:44

In this new opportunity we bring you a Destiny 2 guide in which we will find everything related to Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal.

Once Destiny 2 was released: Shadowkeep, we find a new challenge, at the same time that the Nightfall system was made important changes, in this one we will have The Ordeal, challenge in which we will have the opportunity to get Pinnacle Gear, many things have changed since the game was released in 2017, now it's good to know about the Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal, here we will have 4 difficulties of different levels, starting Adept (750) to Master (980), we must face several Strikes of Destiny 2, week by week with a variety of modifiers, if we want to win Pinnacle Gear we must get a score above 100,000, which will take us to a 950 Power in the level, and a new type of enemy known as Champions, it is good that now we have more precise details.

What should we do to get the Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal in Destiny 2?

To get the Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal, the first thing is that we must play in 2 difficulties, Legend or Master, the 1 has 950 power recommended, the 2 has 980, here for none is the pairing, it is logical that depending on the difficulty our enemies will be stronger and harder to beat, so we can earn more points when defeating them too, another thing to take into account is the time limit, this is 20 minutes, our score is going to decrease once we exceed that limit.

There are 3 types of enemies Champions, barrier, unstoppable and supreme lord, the barrier we can knock them down with weapons that penetrate the shield, as they generate a shield with 50% additional health, another safe way is to use the weapons that have mods anti-shield of the new seasonal artifact. The unstoppable are superior to a normal enemy, these have more health and better resistance to the shots and supreme lord (similar to Thrawl) they go after the players and are very aggressive, with the modifications or abilities that help us to interrupt them we will be able to stop them.

   Complete this challenge with a sufficient score we can get Pinnacle Gear and reach 950 power, for that reason we should not let pass any enemy, as we could lose important points, in addition to being attentive to time, not to exceed 20 minutes, as it could reduce our scores, the most important thing as a final step is to kill any enemy we find in the Nightfall Strike.  

 There is the possibility in Destiny 2 that there is another activity of a higher level that can be compared with Nightfalls in the Master difficulty, although it is selling level increases that help to reach 900 Power is not enough for this difficulty, being the content of Shadowkeep more complicated than it offers us. To finish, it only remains to say that in this guide is everything you should know about the Platinum Rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal and we hope it will be useful to continue advancing in the world Destiny 2.   

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