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Destiny 2: Pinnacle Weapons guide - Season of Opulence

2019-06-05 15:31:44

The Opulence Season is already running in Destiny 2, and like all seasons, the Opulence Season also comes loaded with a bunch of weapons, in this case Pinnacle weapons, like Wendigo GL-3 grenade launcher, the rifle Sniper Revoker and more, this is why we have prepared for you a Pinnacle weapons guide in Destiny 2 quite complete.

Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon: Wendigo GL-3.

  • 1,500 grenade launchers final blows in strikes
  • 500 multitudes of grenades in strikes.

They earn points for the deaths of enemies, but the deaths will impede progress; the grenade launchers cause the most points.

The first in our Pinnacle weapons guide in Destiny 2 is the grenade launcher Wendigo GL-3, the feature that has most caught the attention of this Pinnacle weapon for Destniny 2 is that it increases the damage and the radius of explosion each time you pick up an orb of light, this is why they also call it "Explosive Light".

This rocket launcher would be a very useful weapon being in the Crucible of Destiny 2, thanks to the fact that besides being a direct hit it can spread damage with the explosion.

Collect the reward of Zavala and make sure you bring your Lion of combat or the top of the mountain. Also, bring another grenade launcher to the slot of your power weapon. God knows that your 15 Edge transits are waiting to get used.

Destiny 2: Which Pinnacle Weapon Should You Get First? (Season of Opulence)

The next weapon in our Pinnacle weapons guide is:

Crucible Pinnacle Weapon: Revoker.

300 final blows with sniper rifles in the crucible.

50 precision hits / shots in the head with sniper rifles in the crucible.

3,500 of glory; Losses in competition will not diminish your progress of glory.

The sniper rifle Revoker, is not exactly the weapon of our Pinnacle weapons guide for Destiny 2 that we love the most, basically because to have an optimal control over it we would need to play with a mouse and a keyboard to have a control and a total precision, in this there are better options to have a better gameplay.

The main benefit of the Revoker sniper rifle is "Reversal of Fortune" it only adds a bullet to your magazine shortly after it is lost, the truth is that this benefit in itself gives pity, but it could save you when you run out of bullets and need precisely that, a single shot.

Gambit Pinnacle Weapon: Silence.

 1,000 final blows with gambit bows or gambit prime.

500 final blows of precision / hits on the head with arches in gambit or main gambit.

They earn points through medals awarded during gambit or gambit cousin.

We really still do not know how useful this bow of combat in Destiny 2 is, in general, the bows in Destiny 2 are not exactly a popular weapon.

The fact is that the main benefit of this is "Archer's Gambit", which grants a massive theft speed bonus for a short period of time, but this is only after a death of hip accuracy. In general, this could be even less profitable than the sniper rifle.

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