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Destiny 2 Opulence: Get ready for the Crown of Sorrow Raid

2019-05-30 18:16:51

Season 7 of Destiny 2, the first-person shooter video game, developed by Bungie, is about to start Destiny 2, Opulencia is about to arrive.

Corona incursion of the pain of Opulencia in Destiny 2.

Opulence is the name given to Season 7 of Destiny 2. In this season the players who hold the Annual Pass will be able to enjoy the last important drop of content that Destiny 2 has received. It is expected that this season of Opulence has a new objective, this new objective would be Raid Crown of Pain.

Destiny 2: Get A HEAD-START in Season of Opulence! | New Raid Prep

The Opulence pain crown raid on Destiny 2 will start a few hours after the new season has already started and is active.

We already want to try this Destiny 2 pain crown raid in the new season of Opulence, however, many will probably decide to try Day 1, either for fun or as part of the World First race. Venture in the raid crown of the pain of Opulence in Destiny 2. If you are one, then you must know a little complicated and we advise you to prepare well in the little time you have left before starting. Clearly we are not going to let you jump into the adventure without preparing, so we have prepared a guide with some tips that will be useful to start the raid of pain in Destiny 2 with all the irons.

In this new season called Opulence, the main achievement will be to complete missions and rewards, which in turn will reward you increasingly bigger and more powerful as well.

You will only have 6 hours to do your work, and 6 hours is very little time to get so many rewards, so you should worry about getting as much as you can in that period of time.

The rewards of the Incursion crown of the pain of Opulence in Destiny 2, recommendations, data and details.

Dreaming City

Dreaming City is one of the destinations that can take you the longest if you decide, but it is also one of the destinations that has the most rewards, to make sure you do not have to spend much time in Destiny Destiny 2: Forsaken endgame, complete 7 daily rewards of Petra Venj.

And this is how you can get the daily reward of Dreaming City, we advise you not to get the 8 as requested by Dreaming City, it is known that the reward of the powerful reward can come out and not give a higher fall if the player has 8 rewards daily completed.

Even with the Gateway Between Worlds reward and complete a Heroic Blind Well that same week, then the next one completes the other heroic blind Well to get a powerful reward and complete the reward of the Oracle Offer, which you will need along with the reward of the Ascendant Challenge to complete the Challenge of Two Complete Fraternities of Petra and get other rewards.

Black Armory.

If the level of power of your weapons is being crushed, which you probably do not like being in the Opulence season, you will want to get two powerful frames and in general some Black Armory element, you will need two ballistics records.

Get the ballistics records by completing the two weekly Ada-1 rewards. You will have to complete 7 daily rewards to get a Destiny 2 ballistics record and the other requires two counterfeit completions.

You can also keep the rewards you've already made and deliver them at the beginning of the week, but that's a personal preference.

Why keep down rewards completed.

It may happen that when you complete the Flashpoint of the week you do not receive the reward from the destination provider, even when the week ends the provider will surely have the reward of the Flashpoint.

Keeping the rewards completed below, will allow you to be much faster, this is because the collection of the Flashpoint reward transferred cancels the powerful drop of the Flashpoint of the current week.

Save 20 rewards completed.

Imagine that in the challenge of Ikora Rey in Destiny 2 for the week you have to complete 20 rewards which you will want to save because they could serve you in many aspects.

Regardless of the rewards of the Opulence season that you decide to complete, it includes those of Gambit and Gambit Prime, which besides being easy to complete, will increase your rank of Infamy and each classification will grant another powerful reward.

Clan XP Prep.

If you have enough XP Clan and can afford to get the Hawthorne reward just by playing excellent. But still save the 3 clan rewards to complete the entire XP bar quickly. In addition, these rewards also count to complete the challenge of Ikora Rey in Destiny 2.

Weapons missions.

If you possess any of the pinnacle weapons or exotic weapons, take them to the point where you can pick up the weapon. You can also take the Forge Frame in case one of your weapons is getting obsolete.

We also recommend that the reward of Xur, the initiate once you start the Season 7 Opulence in Destiny 2, so that your consumables have been fully recharged and be ready and with the batteries well placed. We still do not know how powerful this reward will be or if it will be blocked, but being prepared does not hurt.

And this is a very important point that you should keep in mind so as not to fail, before starting Season 7 Opulence in Destiny 2, please make sure that all your consumables are already replaced and recharged to start properly and not have setbacks

If the players feel they have enough time, they could prepare all the previous steps in the three characters to ensure the maximum level of power. It is not clear if that will be possible in the six hours between the launch of Destiny season 7 and the Crown of Sorrow raid.

However, with this guide you will be very well prepared to start the season 7 Opulence in Destiny 2.

And if in case you had not heard, any player with 700 powers may have the highest attack level available. This is because Bungie limits the level of power of the players for each match until the raid is completed, starting at 700 for the first meeting and ending at 720 for the final boss.
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