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Destiny 2 Lumina Quest Step - The Mists On Nessus

2019-07-03 20:53:13

Destiny 2 and its mission Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon and therefore brings us to be located in The mists On Nessus, address indicated by the system positioning device to find the safe. We are here to help you in this stage of destiny 2 so you can get guidance on what to do here in Las misblas en Nessus.

System Positioning Device The Mists On Nessus Location

What to do in The mists On Nessus for destiny 2

To be able to go to the mists On Nessus, to create the Artifact's Edge, you have to go to tangle to go down that road that is in the same direction in which you started.

The arrival at The mists On Nessus, our destination, will move down over the ravine with more depth, make a hole in the wall as we indicated in the photo of the beginning of the article, go through the tunnels leaving aside the enemies that you get it You will pass to three vex harpies little by little that you follow down the corridor, accessing a sector in which there is a gap in the middle. You must jump that gap and when you reach the other side go to the right reaching the end of the platform. There is a cornice that is underneath, you descend and you will enter a hidden room finding this way the security box, finishing this stage of destiny 2.

When this point arrives and there is no safe, this indicates that the location changed due to the random movement that happens every hour, knowing that it is not here in The mists On  Nessus the safe, you should check the positioning device of the system and see in what destination of the available eights could now be the security box that you have as mission to find in destiny 2.

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