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Destiny 2 Lumina Quest Step - The Lighthouse On Mercury

2019-07-03 20:39:00

We are once again with this great destiny 2 game, we have the Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon mission, and one of its sub missions can place us in eight different places and if the System Positioning Device tells you to go to the Lighthouse On Mercury, it is It is the most complex to get, here we will give you the steps for you to achieve it.

Lumina Quest Mercury Lighthouse Chest Location

What to do in the Lighthouse On Mercury of destiny 2

In this place of destiny 2 you are looking for the safety box therefore the System positioning device will send you to the Lighthouse On Mercury as one of the possible places where the safety box can be, what you should do is play in the public event the Lighthouse On Mercury, now you go to the platform that is on your left, once the event of destiny 2 starts, kill the enemies so that the era of the ages appears, when defeating it you will fall orbs and take them, you will use them to Activate the portals of the platforms that are identified, you have to do it on both sides, once activated, you will exit on the remote platforms on both sides.

You go to the platform that is on the left, you end up with the enemies, so that a device appears in the air near the platform, in the back part of the portal. Without going through the portal remove the device, then you will have to jump on the platform platform and in turn eliminating all those devices that appear. In the end you will find the safe.

Now if you get here and the safe is not, it's because the location of the box is random every hour, changing location, so you lost the chance to find it in the Lighthouse On Mercury, you must check the system positioning device again. Realize the change of location that you must follow in destiny 2.

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