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Destiny 2: How to Unlock Bad JuJu Exotic rifle

2019-07-10 22:04:43

Destiny 2 returns with a new update called Moments of Triumph, this is a weapon to be obtained in this mission, unlock bad juju rifle exotic is our goal. The update aside from bringing us this weapon, offers us challenges to access new levels, it also contains a secret for those who already have enough experience, so let's get into the main theme of this Destiny 2 guide and how to unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle .

Unlocking Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle should not be difficult as it was in lumina or outbreak perfected, so players will not have to spend much time to get this destiny 2 challenge, now we will explain what to do.

What to do first to be able to unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle of destiny 2

To unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle, the first thing to do is release a blocked mission named Emperor invitation, initially we go to the tomb of the vigilante in nessus, we will get on a golden ship, there is a chest in Werner's possession and To be able to open, you must pay 5000 flashes, by doing this you release the Destiny mission option. 2. Invitation to the Emperor.

Knowing this, you have to travel to a nessus location called The Tribute Hall. It has a potential of 300 and a statue that can speak of the name Visage of Calus. When speaking with the statue you will release a part of the mission and will give access to the prizes and tributes, complete one of the rewards by going forward in the search and give thanks to the visage of calus statue.

All of the above goes together with our main objective which is to unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle of Destiny 2, we must know that from this point, three tributes must be offered aboard Leviathan, this serves to give truth to the challenges achieved by the players. To obtain these taxes you have to complete challenges or simply buy them in the visage of calus, although other objects might be needed, the challenges can be completed using armor and menagerie or leviathan weapons, of course you have to keep in mind that menagerie can only give us prizes for each menagerie race.

In Destiny 2 to unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle, we need 18 tributes where Warbeast 5 will be included. These types of editions should be placed near the central showcases of the room. Doing this releases a part of a mission to unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle, it is good that sometimes trumps reward previous progress and this would not be tedious for the player.

When placing the tributes, there is a chest in the center of Tribute Hall, it will open, thus having a new mission with the name of the other side. This challenge will have relation with the enemies taken in leviathan, this means that it is necessary to be well equipped with weapons, and the recommendation in which it is maximum 350 power, do not give you a bad life for the difficulty.

The mission is easy from any point, you have to defeat a few enemies, here there is no time limit with previous missions, players can delay everything they want and in the end you can unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle in destiny 2.

This edition of bad julu in destiny 2, it will be familiar to fans who know about the previous aspect. This weapon has a benefit of name chain curses and after a murder reloads the magazine, in a short period of time increases the damage caused and gives energy in the strength of chains of curses, this rifle fires automatically.

We have reached the end, I hope with this you complete the challenge of unlocking Bad JuJu Exotic Rifle in destiny 2, until a new opportunity.

Bad Juju Guide, How to Get Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle

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