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Destiny 2: How to Unlock and Complete the Menagerie

2019-06-05 19:08:53

The Season of Opulence in Destiny 2 continues running along with its pile of new and great things. Among the additions of the Season Opulence in Destiny 2 we can highlight the new activity called "Menagerie" which surely you will want to know how to unlock and complete.

You probably still do not even know what we are talking about when Menagerie says, but do not worry that to solve all that we have created this guide where we will detail how to unlock and complete Menagerie and everything you need to know about the new activity of Destiny 2.


So, let's talk about the new activity in Destiny 2 Menagerie.

To be able to complete Menagerie you have to know that Menagerie, is one of the most important novelties of the Season Opulence in Destiny 2.

Menagerie is an activity between 6 Guardians, with a recommended power level of 690, although in most enemies in the Group of players the power level is just over 700.

In Menagerie you will have to face a series of challenge rooms and complete the challenges that each room asks for.

You will have to use the bar that is on the left side of the screen to advance, and once it is full, regardless of the number of different challenge rooms needed to achieve it, you will go to the final boss. Where you will have to finish with the elite Harpies that are generated in the arena to open the boss and receive damage and be killed.

Later you will receive a reward of a fixed amount of points with which you can improve your reward cup.

How to unlock and complete Menagerie in Destiny 2.

To unlock and complete Menagerie first of all you will have to complete some requirements in Destiny 2 which we list and detail below.

1. Go visit Benedict 44 in the Tower.

2. Go visit Werner 99-40 in Nessus.

3. Kill 10 Cabal.

4. Kill 25 Vex with melee damage.

5. Generate orbs, earn XP and complete a challenge.

6. Locate the chest in the Well of the Flame in Nessus.

7. Go back to Werner 99-40.

As we mentioned, first of all, you will go to visit Benedict-44 in the tower that is located in the area where we meet Ada-1 during the Forge Season.

Benedict-44, will tell you how to get to Nessus, where you will have to look for Werner 99-40 north of the map.

Werner 99-40, will ask you to kill Cabal and then Vex using melee damage and will assign tasks to get orbs and experience.

You can complete this game by doing a Nightfall Strike, using a master work gun to generate experience points and orbs in heaps.

Then you will have to go to the Well of the Flame in the Nessus Cistern. Climb up the tracesa part of the high and circular structure. You will have to enter through a hole in the wall and down to the channel turning until you find a golden chest which will have to open and return with Werner 99-40.

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