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Destiny 2: How to Start Lumina Exotic Quest - Detailed Guide

2019-07-03 16:52:37

For us fans of Destiny 2 has come an entertaining challenge loaded with total entertainment as it is to start lumina exotic quest, this will guide you directly to obtain a legendary weapon that uses shin malphur before being thorn, we will explain how to start lumina exotic quest in the destiny 2 and the steps to follow next.

 LUMINA EXOTIC QUEST STEPS!! How To Get The Lumina Exotic hand Cannon & Rose

What to do to start Lumina Exotic Quest de destiny 2

We started by returning to the location where we found thorn

We should look to start Lumina Exotic Quest. We returned to the location where we found thorn. If you do not understand here are the steps for you to take advantage of to look for thorn if you have not done it before.

To achieve Lumina Exotic Quest of destiny 2, we first go back to where we found thorn before. Our previous guide has the steps that must be followed to find the place of the camp if you need it, in the same way here we have the steps to follow of the note of the cliff if it is necessary. You will go to the EDZ, to the north and thus enter the Salt Mines.

Now go on along the road, you will reach a room that has a barrier that blocks the road, you can not cross it, you have to go around it, then look up the beams because on the right you will have a different path to follow until you meet in an open room, on the right, when you are inside, you will find a platform for transfer contains a rocket that is built in front of it, you have to use the platform.

In this part of destiny 2 you will be in an open area. You have to follow the path in front of you to reach another barrier, again the same thing happens, you can not cross, now on the left you will find a ledge, walk along and you will notice a passageway of a small cave, go through here , reaching a sector of the camp, this is where you wanted to go. Go through the fire, you will find a chest. You open it and the search begins to start Lumina Exotic Quest

search in the lost sector of destiny 2

What we will do now to continue with our main objective in destiny 2 of looking for how to start Lumina Exotic Quest, here brought us to the lost sector with the mission in this stage to find a chest that has pink. It varies between people, changing every hour.

In this area within the lost sector in its surroundings we must find the chest, once calculated the route to get here.

we have to generate light orbs and acquire pink in destiny 2

We continue in our mission to start Lumina Exotic Quest we will continue to achieve the guidelines to achieve this, this time we will generate orbs of light, the easiest is to go to Mars activating the scale protocol, being a source of enemies without stopping, also accounts with another option of destiny 2 to generate the orbs and is through other players, these would make your sanes faster generating more for you. Blimd well will serve you in this case, the one that you think is best for you. You can achieve to win rose.

operate the destiny 2 nightfall to earn 50k points

On the way to starting Lumina Exotic Quest, this part in very easy is just to run the nightfall and earn the points. More tedious to do it in the other way that is with some support in two people to execute and modify.

Now destiny 2 leads us to finish the climbing protocol.

Start Lumina Exotic Quest has not been easy, in this goal we have at this point to have finished with the previous guidelines to get a score. This escalation protocol is unstable, it could only be different if it is performed as a team. Blind well is the best way, of course black harmony that should be enough to get the benefit of doing 2 things at the same time.

Destiny 2 is to defeat without being able to recharge 100 opponents

This stage of destiny 2 in its mission to start Lumina Exotic Quest you must exterminate 100 opponents without being able to recharge, not at once, the deaths can only count if they are in the same clip, weapons like machine guns will be the most beneficial of den in this situation.

Destiny 2 finish the objectives with the rose in our team

In this opportunity our objectives must be done as a team, there is a bar that will fill up when completing those objectives, the more players support you better, the best option is black armory, it would be faster than strikes or the menagerie, it is longer but you have six companions. Also the crucible serves as long as PvP is not important to you.

8-destiny 2 start of the modified edition for the will of thousands

The next step to start Lumina Exotic Quest we have to use rose to break the purple crystals that are in the warmind mission and the huge xol worm god. It has to be with rose and it is important that you manage to defeat everyone with a single crystal in case it does not count.

9-we must use the hand cannon to generate orbs of light, defeat those who invaded the gambit.

We are about to complete our goal for Destity 2 to start Lumina Exotic Quest for it this time, it's tedious if you do not like that of PvP crucible and gambit. With your best handgun in quick play, you must achieve the necessary killings it is easy but annoying because of the PvP and much more for hand cannons, this could be a problem.

In the end you have to generate orbs of light for your companions, start a game that you join a team, as crucible or strikes, you use super roaming, I recommend starting hollowed lair with a hucklebery and make shots to the head to all the bars that appear at the time of this attack. With this we finish, we hope this explanation is very helpful about the game destiny 2 and how to start Lumina Exotic Quest.
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