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Destiny 2: How to Reset Your Valor - tips ant Tricks

2019-10-22 11:57:51

You are probably playing Destiny 2 and you are wondering How to restore your value, in this guide we will tell you how to do it correctly.

Now Destiny 2 has introduced Shadowkeep to change the usual routine, making the game more fun and many new things, you still have enough time if you want to follow the search for Scour The Rust, if you have already achieved all the value and want to start again here we will tell you How to Reset Your Valor.

How to restore your value in Destiny 2?

How to Reset Your Valor in Destiny 2 is quite simple, you will get a notification after the end of an iron banner, a crucible or after a game of Gambit Prime, in any of these modes you have the opportunity to reset your value to start again. Once you receive this notification you have to go into orbit, you cannot be in a game when you do so, once in orbit go to the main screen regardless of the mode you are in, when you are there you will be able to see your value range.

How to Reset Your Valor, well if you don't fulfill with the sufficient value you won't be able to reset to begin again and to raise your level, but if you fulfill with the maximum value established you will be able to restore your value in the right part of that screen. To do so you must press this button for a few seconds until it loads, once the process is over you will receive a new item and with a lot of power, better than another item you can use until now.

  As you may have noticed is very simple the way to restore your value in the game Destiny 2 to advance in level, we hope that our guide has been very helpful, do not forget that you must have the maximum value set to be able to restart.

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