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Destiny 2: How to play like a Hunter - the Ninja

2019-06-11 21:41:57

Some probably already know, but others still have not heard. Destint 2 will be available for free from September.

And as we mentioned earlier, there has never been a better time to become a Guardian than now.

The theme of always is to define, what kind of Guardian in Destiny 2 you want to be. In this opportunity we have prepared a Destiny 2 guide, so you can learn how to play as a hunter.

Destiny 2: How To Play Hunter PvP Build – Nightstalker Way Of The Wraith

How to play as a Hunter in Destiny 2.

If what you're looking for is agility and precision, then The Hunter is the option to play in Destiny 2.

The Hunter has less armor, but has a pretty good speed that can compensate for this.

The Hunter's unique ability is an elusive one that can help recharge your melee energy or automatically reload your weapon. This will depend on the style of game you prefer.

To others to know how to play like a hunter in Destiny 2 you have to know that the hunter to the gial that other classes, has three subclasses, where each class has a super own movement.

Play as a Hunter in Destiny 2, subclasses.

Hunter Arcstrider.

This subclass of hunter in Destiny 2, handles an electric baton with which you can run through the battlefield while executing melee attacks.

Also, this subclass is much more useful if you use it to eliminate a group of enemies than if you use it to eliminate a very powerful boss.

Forsaken adds a super movement capable of reflecting projectiles into the enemy and allows you to do more damage in Destiny 2.

Caador Gunslinger.

This subclass has a weapon that triggers the power of the sun to your enemies in Destiny 2. If you configure it in the correct way you can do the short work of the bosses, although it is much less useful when it is a large group.

Forsaken adds a super movement that allows to throw explosive solar knives, making it a little more effective against large groups.

Hunter Nightstalker.

But if you want to weaken enemies, you will have to use this subclass. This subclass has an arc capable of draining the strength of those it hits and even helps you extend the damage to other nearby enemies. In general this is pretty good especially against groups. The abandoned version of this special ability gives you two vacuum daggers with which you can sneak out and attack the enemies in Destiny 2.

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