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Destiny 2: How to get the exotic Titan gauntlets

2019-10-18 10:09:22

We have made for you a guide of Destiny 2 where we will show you how to get the exotic Titan gauntlets.

 The Shadowkeep expansion of Destiny 2 allows you to customize the creations of all the characters, through the Armor 2.0 system, this is part of the modifications of the game and it allows us to execute configurations where the titans can have a power of blow and therefore we have to get the exotic Titan gauntlets, so let's see how we get them, since they are necessary.

How can we build the exotic Titan gauntlets in Destiny 2?

The first thing we must know is that the exotic Titan gauntlets can be built, since it will serve us to cause stronger blows against enemies, for it is necessary to run a combination of Armor mods and mods of the seasonal device Gate Lord's Eye, on the other hand it is important to emphasize that the Destiny 2Youtuber xHOUNDISHx, I make an explanation about certain elements that we can find and that we can use to build, because making this combination is excellent, since it eliminates in a simple way the armored enemies of red bar, and causes strong damage to the commanders and yellow bar bosses, generally using blows, so let's see the list of elements and what damage they cause in Destiny 2.

  •  Thinder Coil class artifact mod, this element deals damage to Arc's melee ability.

  •  Modification of combined ballistic hood armor artifact, this gives us body to body energy when we kill with weapons containing overload mods, or anti-barrier artifact.

  •  Titan's subclass of the bottom tree, with it we can reload weapons of combat body to body, in addition, to increase the reach body to body and the damage, on the other hand, the deaths by murder regenerate the health.

  •  Using a weapon with a mod of anti-barrier device, overload or disruptor, allows us to activate the ballistic combo.

  •  The mod of armour of armor of unstoppable body to body allows us to use in a staggered way the abilities body to body against the enemies without need to armor us.

  •  The shotgun One Small Step, is an artifact that allows us to obtain advantage.

  •  Using a shotgun with the 1-2 Punch advantage allows us to generate more damage body to body, as the pellets will fall directly to the enemies.

A very interesting detail is that the exotic Titan gauntlets, are a reward that is given to us once we have completed a campaign called Warmind, and the most attractive is that it is a free content that have included the game, so it is ideal to collect it from Amanda Holliday, who is in the tower and stands on the landing of the ladder, the campaign actually take us very little time, because about an hour or maximum two hours.

It is hoped that this guide will be useful and you can get the exotic Titan gauntlets in Destiny 2, so complete the mission for you to receive the reward.

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