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Destiny 2: How to Get The Duty Bound Legendary

2019-10-23 09:44:19

Destiny 2 always gives us surprises, there are players who need help, in this guide we will tell you how to reach the Duty Bound Legendary.

If you are a fan of the game Destiny 2 you will have noticed that the weekly restarts bring a lot of challenges that you must face in the game, surely you are interested in participating in the new approach that will be very focused on the song Savathun, it is possible to dive into the depths of the Titan, it is good to know that if you get an interesting time you will receive great rewards between them is possible the legendary automatic rifle, you should also be interested in getting the Duty Bound Legendary.

How to get the obligatory duty in Destiny 2?

The first thing you have to do in Destiny 2 is to open the main destination screen, then you have to go to the Vanguard section, then you have to choose the third option you'll see available, it's important to note that the Duty Bound can not guarantee that you get the Strike, unfortunately it's something random so you have to try several times, we recommend you play in the highest difficulty mode if you want to get the legendary automatic rifle.

What are the difficulty modes in Destiny 2?

Among the Destiny 2 hardship modes before jumping to Strike are the following: Adept with 750 Light, Hero with 920 Light, Legend with 950 Light and finally Master with 980 Light. As you can imagine depending on the mode you select it will bring with it very different modifications making Strike much more difficult for you and your firefighter team.

Before reaching the Duty Bound Legendary, you must ensure the same light level as the various modifiers according to the mode, this must be taken into account before jumping to a match, you have to ensure you reach a light level of approximately 910, so we recommend that you earn more of your team before you decide to enter Hero which reaches the maximum light level of 920.

What are the Duty Bound statistics in Destiny 2?

Next we will give you the statistics you will receive when you get Duty Bound, these are:

  • Range 42.
  • Handling 61.
  • Stability 45.
  • Impact 21.
  • Rounds per minute 600.
  • Magazine 41.
  • Recharge speed 54.

You will have the opportunity to modify each of these statistics according to the type of active advantages, you will have available at any time Adaptive Frame this is a weapon that we can widely recommend is very resistant and reliable at all times.

If you manage to get the Duty Bound Legendary, these will be your rewards in this respect.

  • - Damn rounds: these increase your range.
  • - Zen Moment: Once you manage to cause damage with this weapon, your stability increases.
  • - Fastdraw IS: It can increase your driving speed and increase your range.
  • - Red Dot-ORS1: Allows you to increase range and driving speed.
  • - Rampage: When you kill with this weapon, it gives your weapon a brief weapon boost. Players they can stack this up to three times.
  • - Ricochet Rounds: Allows you to increase stability and increase range: bullets bounce off hard surfaces.

The best way to get the Duty Bound Legendary in this game of Destiny 2 that we recommend is to go through the Nighfall version of the Strike and get the highest score, the best scores are received by killing enemies, collecting orbs and also completing the hit quickly, you will notice the score modifier on his screen, so you must complete it in less than 15 minutes otherwise it will disappear from your sight.

As you can notice it's not that easy to get the Duty Bound Legendary in the Destiny 2 game either, we hope that our guide has been very helpful and you manage to meet all the expectations you set in the game, so good luck.

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
First-person shooter
Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
Activision (2017–2019) , Bungie (2019–present)
Tiger Engine
Release date:
September 6, 2017

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