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Destiny 2: How to Get The Best Exotics Weapons and Armor

2019-06-18 22:16:34

Get the best weapons and exotic armor in Destiny 2 with our help.

In Destiny 2 there are particular objects that are quite sought after by players. It's about the exotic products, so if you're one of those players looking for armor and exotic weapons, you've come to the right place, because this time we'll be showing you how to get the best weapons and exotic armor in Destiny 2.

Are there advantages to getting the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2?

The answer is yes, in Destiny 2 you'll get additional benefits by owning exotic items, such as presenting some of the best statistics of damage to the game, or reloading weapons faster, among other benefits.

The standard level of Destiny 2 has a limit of 20. While your standard level can increase with XP obtained, since your power level is composed of your weapon and armor attributes, reaching your maximum power level 305.


Increase your power level in Destiny 2

By obtaining the best weapons and armor elements of Destiny 2 you can increase the power level. As you know your level of power is very important to be able to experience all the game modes of Destiny 2, because activities such as Heroic Strikes and Leviathan Raid remain blocked behind a level of power required.

In Destiny 2 each class has its own Super Skills and individual subclasses, however, this is not the only thing, because they also have a unique armor to which the other classes do not have access. While this is not the case with weapons because there are no class-specific weapons in Destiny 2, there are class-specific armor pieces, including the Crest of the Alpha Lupi armor for the Titan.

How to make peace staff members exotic in Destiny 2?

The leg armor of Peacekeepers Titan is one of the items that you should be aware of, as this is one of the most exotic in Destiny 2. The Peacekeepers are usually the most sought after because they recharge automatically. The machine guns allow you to prepare them instantly to start firing.

For their part, the peacekeepers do not have the same luck, since they are only obtained through random item launches of Heroic Public Events or Milestone rewards. These are incredibly effective if you are using at least one machine gun in any of your weapons slots, since you can switch between weapons on the march once you have emptied the magazine of your other weapon.

How to know which are the best exotic weapons of Destiny 2

For you to have a more complete view on which are the best exotic weapons of Destiny 2, it is recommended to play several games of Crucible, with that you will realize which elements of exotic weapons are used by other players.

Destiny 2 new level of master weapon

Bungie is part of the improvements and changes that have made in Destiny 2. The new level of weapons of Master work represented an improvement over the level of Legendary weapon when the update was launched on December 12.

In addition to the statistical bonus between the Masterwork and Legendary levels, there will be another bonus for the first one. That's right, it turns out that the weapons of the masterpiece will generate orbs, not only for you, but for your allies in several deaths in the Crucible, in addition you will be able to track the total of your deaths with the weapon, or the Crucible with death. However, you should consider that the weapon bonuses that come with the master job level are totally random and can be pulled from a small group again.

We hope that this information regarding the best weapons and exotic armor in Destiny 2 has been very useful for you. Do not forget to stay tuned for our publications.

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September 6, 2017

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