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Destiny 2: How to Get the A Brilliant Smile

2019-11-04 12:17:09

The content that we will have next in this guide, aims to help How to get a bright smile in Destiny 2.

What is the bright smile in Destiny 2?

At the beginning our search will be in a haunted forest, in which it will lead us to obtain masks and a rifle at the festival of the lost in Destiny 2, but all this in the end will lead us to a search for events in the solar system, so we will get to unlock the bright smile event, which some give another name like the toothbrush, just because in the end this will be one of the items that we will receive for Halloween and the festival of the lost, if we want to know how to start and finish this stage of the game, we will have the content that will lead us to achieve it.

How to get a bright smile in Destiny 2?

In order for us to complete the bright smile event we must go through many situations in Destiny 2 and here we will have them:

We will see Eris with a mask

We have received many previous searches of Eris, when visiting her with a mask of the festival of the lost, on the moon with the helmet of the masquerader equipped, we will receive a box of raisins, a type of Easter egg in reference to Destiny 21, with what we will give Really start to search for the bright smile in Destiny 2.

· Route to follow Spider on the Tangled Shore

Once our search for the bright smile has begun, the first thing will be to go to Spider on the Tangled Shore, we will take the box of raisins to the tangled shore, which will lead us to defeat several enemies, these 12 being for each type of enemy, Fallen , Despised, Hive and Cabal, we will find them scattered throughout the place, the Fallen in landing of thieves, the Despised in the ravine of the 4 horns, Hive in Jetsam of Saturn and for those of Kabbalah in the Court of Sorik, We will receive the Winged Chew once we complete this in Destiny 2.

· See Ana Bray on Mars

Once we are here we will give Ana Bray the Winged Chew, which will give us access to the following Armed to the Teeth challenge, with each type of weapon we must kill 10 enemies, the weapons are: kinetic, energetic and heavy, close In the area of ​​vendors we will find many enemies or if we want to go to a sector of greater concentration there is a lost sector that is also nearby, by completing this search we will receive the Unchocolate article from Ana Bray

We will go to Asher Mir in Io

Asher Mir in Io, here we will bring the Unchocolate, in order to access another search, this will have as a requirement to get precision strokes at the end in 10 Vex and 10 Takeb, close to where this Asher Mir there are many of these types of enemies, once that we complete this mission we will return and receive the Piece of Apery.

· Brother Vance in Mercury

The next place we should go to continue with the main search for the bright smile, Brother Vance in Mercury, here we will bring the Piece of Apery, which will lead us to an element search, this is to achieve 10 deaths for each type of elements, being these element-arc, solar and empty, for completing this objective we will receive from Brother Vance the Splice Drops.

Failsafe in Nessus

To this place of Destiny 2 we will bring the splicing drops, which will generate another search called Touched By The Light, in order to obtain the Salted Sweets we must defeat 5 Fallen, Vex and Cabal with the skills.

· Devrim Kay in EDZ

Here we will give Devrim Kay the Salted Sweets, which will lead us to fulfill the objective of using the Shadowkeep finishing movements for 5 Cabal, Taken and Fallen in the surrounding emergency zone, obtaining the Sour Engram once we complete this task and return to Devrim Kay.

· Petra Venj in the City of Dreams

We will give Petra Venj Sr. Engram, so we will have a new challenge, where we will get the Sugary Engram. The requirement will be 5 melee deaths, the same amount for grenades and 10 super deaths in the city of dreams.

Sloane on Titan

The next destination of the main quest bright smile will be Titan, here we will give the Sugary Engram to Sloane, thus having another task to perform, in this we must kill the enemies that will be in various places of Titan's Arcology, we will do it in the form of patrols, we will enter the Arcology east of Sloane, we must kill each of the enemies of these areas, which we will see on the map, we will receive the Void Fizz once we successfully complete this stage.

· Last stop Eris Morn on the Moon

We will return to the end where the search began in Destiny 2, we will deliver to Eris the Void Fizz, we must also perform as a last step a dance, so we have to equip the perfect emotion to do it, we will do it in the character menu, find the emotes and assign them to one of our buttons, depending on the race, if we are human we will do the City Dance, for Awoken the Graceful Dance and if it is Exo the Popping Dance, with this Eris will give us a Goody Bag, we will obtain with these several rewards, Here a toothbrush will be included, we will use it in the inventory screen, which will make this a used brush and the triumph will be the A bright smile that will be visible and credited, so we conclude with this main search.

We conclude with this guide and its content, whose main objective was to explain how to get a bright smile in Destiny 2, we hope that this content provides the utility that was required to complete the event.

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September 6, 2017

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