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Destiny 2: How to Get Masterwork Oven - Dawning Guide

2019-12-20 09:54:02

In the following content that we will present in the following article we explain how to obtain the Masterwork oven in Destiny 2.

With the parties we have in Destiny 2 our own celebration, where we can in the events Dawn use the holiday oven to bake countless sweets and at the same time distribute them to the NPCs and game characters, there is also the option to make improvements to our oven and for This has this article, which will cover everything you need to know about How to get the Masterwork oven, the invitation is to pay attention to the following content.

What should we know before getting the Masterwork Oven in Destiny 2?

We have the oven on vacation is possible the combination of 3 different ingredients at the time of baking, the final result of the sweets, which we will give to our characters, but in the case of the Essences that are an essential ingredient for each of the recipes, will become the most tedious to obtain because you can control 15 of this ingredient, will control a lot of time to get it, the important thing will be to highlight if you get the Masterwork oven, we will see a reduction in the amount of Essences of the Dawn to 10, this being advantageous.

How to obtain the Masterwork oven in Destiny 2?

The only thing that allows us to obtain this oven, is the realization at least once of all the recipes in the oven on vacation and these are

  • - Eliksni birdseed
  • - Doughnut holes for travelers
  • - Hot cross buns
  • - Vanilla blades
  • - Dead Candy Ghosts
  • - Gjallardoodles
  • - Chocolate shipping cookies
  • - Strange cookies

  • - Alkane Dragee Cookies
  • - Bad luck cookies
  • - Thousand Layer Cookie
  • - Lavender ribbon cookies
  • - Oatmeal and raisin cookies Ascending
  • - Mooncake Javelin
  • - Dark chocolate chips
  • - Fried Shah dough
  • - Infinite forest cake
  • - Radiological Pudding
  • - Fractal Rollers
  • - Men's Shortbread
  • - Burned edge transit
  • - Tapioca Telemetry
  • - Hackberry Cake

Having made at least once all these recipes, from the missions tab we will examine our holiday oven, and we will pass our cursor over Masterwork to activate it, so we can use this oven and get the benefits it brings.

Our article comes to an end, in which we treat as a central axis of the explanation How to obtain the Masterwork oven in Destiny 2, we hope that it will be useful for all those readers who passed through here.

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Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
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Release date:
September 6, 2017

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