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The bugs persist in Destiny 2 and that is why we talk about How to fix the PLUM anti-cheat error.

What is the anti-cheat bug in Destiny 2?

This is an inconvenience with which we get and that is usually quite tedious, above all we can say that it is even more complicated because there are very few things to do due to its novelty, in this sense, knowing how to repair the anti-error error. PLUM cheats leads us to consider some interesting tips, actually the anti cheat software that Bungie has included has brought about some problems that can turn into a headache.

Knowing how to repair the PLUM anti-cheat error allows us to make it clear that due to the novelty of the error it is quite difficult to provide lasting solutions, this considering that it has started to appear regularly for many users, ending our comfort and tranquility to develop. In Destiny 2, this usually identifies self-resurrection problems that are nothing more than a kind of cheating executed by the players and that with the passage of time have become common practices.

To say that the traps in Destiny 2 are new is false, as time passes there are many similar things, only that perhaps they were not seen on a large scale and therefore Bungie had not released any software that could counteract them, however, knowing how to repair PLUM's anti-cheat bug gets us involved in clearing up the problem because the software issued by Bungie to counter cheat is causing us inconvenience.

How to fix PLUM anti-cheat error in Destiny 2 2?

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    • Check the connection: sometimes failures tend to occur due to unstable connections, in this sense it is possible:
    • Restart the router.
    • Choose to change connection in case of using WiFi, opt for a cable connection.
    • Check if there are applications and devices that may be consuming bandwidth and therefore this will make the internet connection slower.


     Check if we have other anti-cheat software: this is another action applicable in Destiny 2, there are other games that usually bring them, such is the case of Valorant and these can interfere by throwing us the problem, which will lead us to deactivate them before being able to play and in this way we will not get the error.

    Check the status of the servers: sometimes the servers can have some amount of traffic that can cause them to have problems with connectivity and in case of this, we just have to wait.

     Now that you know Restart the router. You can apply any of these solutions to continue enjoying Destiny 2, however, we invite you to pay attention to our guides for future updates.

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