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Destiny 2: How to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight

2019-07-12 17:22:16

The game Destiny 2 continues to bring challenges to solve throughout history, this time we must find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight . Let's find out what challenges this mission brings and its available rewards at the end once we can solve this goal of Destiny 2 by find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight .

There are several sectors lost in Destiny 2, only this time we must find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight , these are mini-dungeons distributed in several planets in which there are short challenges that can be done as many times as you want without limits, find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  brings many benefits among them being one of the rising challenges for the city of dreams in Destiny 2.

Each lost sector has a mark on the map, this is a symbol of a cave, in forsaken it can be achieved by the map by selecting the symbol of the lost sector its name is revealed, then by means of a quick trip to the waypoint that be closer and you go to the cave mark. When you get here you have to finish the enemies and open a chest that is here and thus grab your prize.

The information that we are going to give you is where, how to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  in the Destiny 2 game, and defeat the GF that you will face.

Where to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight

To find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  we must have access to the city of dreams, we must have bought forsaken and have progress in history, the home of Petra is the Dreaming City, the location at the end of this Destiny loop 2 and the update of forsaken, black armory.

You can find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  in the center of the map between rheasilvia and the strand, the best way to get there fast is through the waypoint that is in divalian mists, this waypoint is west of the city of the dreams of Destiny 2.

Being in this place you ride the sparrow and you must go to the northeast by the hill, arriving at a narrow tunnel through which you have to pass, when crossing you will be in the northern area of ​​rheasilvia, near one of the meeting points with petra.

You will take the road to the right, before you are on the bridge there is a path hidden down to your left you will go there. The path will lead you to a cave on your right finally and on the left is a narrow bridge of land, you should not go by either, keep going until you see a strong, low fall of the sparrow and in front you will notice on the wall a Lost sector symbol, you will have to make jumps for three platforms to access the entrance that will be to the left of the lost sector symbol. Entering you must fight against enemies taken.

What to do to go through once you can find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  in Destiny 2

When you reach this point, you will reach a corridor full of hobgoblins taken and acolytes taken, for this lost sector the power is 560, although this may end below this power level, if it reaches below 510 enemies can not take damage.

The best recommendation is to use sniper rifles, since in this area of ​​the corridor there are long lines of sight. You will see a large number of enemy in the distance but you can eliminate a few at a long distance, and if you see the hobgoblins do it as fast as you can because they have a lot of precision in their sniper attacks. You should not want to take damage so avoid receiving it.

It is essential to note that having cleared the corridor there is where the challenge is really started, where taken eyes and hobgoblins will launch attacks from a distance and not only do they also include attacks from the Inuit chief who is a disciple of Quria, which It will make us quite a lot of pressure very quickly in Destiny 2 this happens once we get to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight .

Then cover yourself and place yourself behind the entrance, letting the thrall get close to you, remember that you can use the swords because they are great and they fulfill the function to eliminate very quickly the target in Destiny 2, so now You'll have cause to be worried about the Hobgoblings. Also be careful because in a chest on the left side on a platform that is in the form of a circle will get you with a very good number of opponents that stand and shoot, for this it is essential to use a long range weapon because they really have an excellent vision which can leave you as a target practically from whatever it leaves you with more and more success about having managed to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  in Destiny 2.

It should be noted that occasionally it is necessary to exterminate the heavy knights taken upwards since they will look for ways to advance and the attacks that they generate actually cause a lot of damage while you are at close range. They use grenades and rockets if be as fast as you can and do not win in Destiny 2.

As you could already find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  we would say that it is somewhat easier to mobilize in evidence of it go walking from deck to deck as long as you favor the entrance to the camera, remember to leave Inkasi alone who obviously will stand is more floating in reality, alert because he has a purple shield to his credit which you must hit with enough ammunition which will make it melt and in this way you have to claim your reward in Destiny 2.

Ascending challenge and awards camera.

Meanwhile, the closed chest is shown as a reward that has a couple of strange but valuable objects over time local currencies and credits which are part of the lost sectors which we add the importance to the need to find Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight .

The local currencies that we get really dark parts and you must exchange them with petra this to cover the costs that have been charged by light which have been used in the course of the Pozo Ciego mission.

Consequently for Petra a challenge that happens every day and that the whole week passes is a test to complete in the lost sectors in Destiny 2 it really sounds interesting because there are many prizes that are acquired when visiting the place after finding the Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight .

This Lost Sector is also the location of one of Dreaming City's Ascending Challenges. The Ascending Challenge is in a six week rotation and will change location each week. During the Chamber of Starlight week, you can find the portal for the challenge on that elevated platform located on the left behind the closed chest. Simply use a Queensfoil Tincture and jump on the side of the platform to reach it and participate in the challenge.

Finally, find  Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight  is interesting because it is home to one of the challenges of Dreaming City, the upward challenge which is broken in 6 weeks but usually every week will change the place where it is located, so there is to clarify that the week you spend in Chamber of Starlight is important because there you will get the portal for the challenge on the elevated platform and who is located on the left side of it that if in the back of the chest that remains closed, for this you only need to use queensfoil ink and then launch on one side of the platform and ready to participate in this challenge that Destiny 2 has left for you.

Forsaken - Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight

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