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Destiny 2: How to find Imperial Treasure - Where to Find it

2019-06-14 17:16:22

In Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure searches are presented through which players can get weekly rewards during this new Season of Opulence. Currently, these rewards obtained through the Treasure Map can be taken from Werner 99-44, in Nessus or Benedict 99-44, in the Tower. To get each reward, players will be asked to search for a Treasure Chest which is hidden in a specific location. To help the player community, in this guide to xboxplay.games we will present the locations to get six treasure chests.

Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Map Location

Complete the line of quests for Werner's Imperial Summons

First of all it is important to know that the missions must be completed by Imperial Summonses assigned by Werner in Nessus to find the imperial treasure in Destiny 2. The ralence of this is that when finishing this line of quests by Imperial Summons they will grant maps of Treasures with which you can get the Imperial Treasure Chests.

Imperial treasure chest 1: Well of Flame, Nessus

This treasure chest can be obtained once the quest line for Imperial Summons has been completed. The treasure chest is located in Nessus, specifically in the Well of Flame, which is located past the Pools of Luminance. In this area you can see a kind of cave on the side of a tower, it is a kind of well that you must go down, and being in this place you will be able to see a return portal and a large rock. Behind this rock, the Treasure Chest is obtained.

Imperial treasure chest 2: Maevic Square, EDZ

Finding this treasure chest players should go to Trostland in EDZ. Being in this area you should go to the right of the church and pass a building in ruins, this leads to a place where Plaza Maevic is located. Once there you must search among some plants to get the Treasure Chest.

Imperial treasure chest 3: Alton Dynamics, Mars

To get this treasure chest in Destiny 2, players should head to Alton Dynamo on Mars. The area specifies how far they should go to servers in Alton Dynamo. Being in this place, the players must arrive until the door where the Will of the Thousands Strike Event is accessed, where it is possible to be appreciated a crossing, in which it is necessary to take the way of the right. At this point you will have to face a Hive and then take the path on the left where you can get the treasure chest hidden behind a ladder.

Imperial treasure chest 4: Spine Burrows

The location to get another Treasure Chest in Destiny 2 is Lost Oasis in Io. While in this area, players should head to the Spine Burrows cave in which they must enter. Being in the main camera, you should only look for the platform on the right and go up to it. Passing said platform, the treasure chest can see on the left under a platform, between rocks.

Imperial treasure chest 5: Legion's Anchor, EDZ

The EDZ once again contains another Treasure Chest that players can obtain in Destiny 2, and for this they must go to the Sunken Isles and continue until they reach the Legion's Anchor base. Being in this area, players must follow the runners until they reach the landing platform and then use the runway in order to reach the tanks filled with LZ. In this place you can get the Treasure Chest under a tank on the left.

Imperial Treasure Chest 6: Diavik Mine at Tangled Shore

Another treasure chest in Destiny 2 can be obtained by reaching Diavik Mine in Tangled Shore. Landing at Sorik's Cut players must turn right where they will find platforms near a cave by which they must descend and continue walking until they find another platform near which you can find the Treasure Chest.

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