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Destiny 2: How to find Forge Saboteur

2019-06-18 22:02:33

This way you can find Forge Saboteur in Destiny 2. Below are more details.

In Destiny 2, the first-person shooter video game, developed by Bungie, kicked off the Season of the Forge event, which brought new weapons, as well as a host of enemies. If you want to win new loot items in a very simple way with the Forge Saboteur in Destiny 2, then continue reading.

Forge Saboteurs in Destiny 2

With the start of the Season of the Forge event, Forge Saboteurs appeared for the first time. And in this opportunity we will be showing you all the known places where you can meet this new type of enemy in Destiny 2. Although the Saboteurs de Forge are not always fixed in these places, so you should be very attentive to any change.

These are all places where you can meet the Saboteurs de Forge in Destiny 2:

  • - European dead zone - El Gulch.
  • - European dead zone - Outskirts.
  • - Nessus - Relics.
  • - Nessus - The edge of the artifact.

Although the Saboteurs de Forge may have a great similarity to your pretty average Cabal captain, the reality is that they give you the opportunity to grab a new weapon or armor, which appears as part of the Season of the Forge event.

If you find yourself investigating the Season of the Forge for the first time, you will surely want to go after these new enemies (Saboteurs de Forge), because these represent the easiest way to get some new items of loot.

4 Forge Saboteur Locations + Black Armory Weapon Drop

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