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Destiny 2: How To Find A Powerful Wizard

2019-10-24 15:07:50

If you want to help Eris in Destiny 2 since she is being chased by Fireteam you must get the powerful wizard, in this guide we will tell you that you must

In Destiny 2 every week the character Eris is chased by a memory that becomes her nightmare, it is the memory of one of her former members of Fireteam, for this reason if your intention is to help Eris to forget that tormenting past you have to get A powerful wizard to kill these nightmares.

Where to find a powerful wizard in Destiny 2?

Titan is the best place you can visit if you want to get a powerful wizard, but if you manage to generate in Siren's Watch the entrance to the Lost Methane Discharge Sector you will get it precisely to your right, you will have to jump to the level bottom of the platform and then you must enter, continue the path until the end of this way you will reach the Lost Sector.

The boss that you can find in this lost sector of Destiny 2 is a magician who has a lot of power, so that you can progress in his memory you must kill him using your Super, you must first destroy his enemies, then reduce his health using his weapons until explode your Super and end it. You must be very attentive because it will seek to go to the lost sector so you must try to kill it in time, but it is preferable to wait for it to do so because that way its Super is activated, otherwise you will not be able to kill it and you will have to start again .

How to get / get throwing knives in Destiny 2?

You also have another way of doing it and it is using lost throwing knives of Omar Agah of Destiny 2, you must throw punches accurately against the enemies, at the same time that you can use a Bow or a Sniper Rifle. When you have killed all eight you have to reload the Raid in this way everything will reappear again, follow the same sequence until you get all the throwing knives, when you get everything, you have to go back to the moon, go to the portal that owes you appear along with the location of Eris, get to where she is and talk, in this way you will have fulfilled this Memory.

As you can see it is not so difficult to get the powerful wizard in Destiny 2, we hope our guide has been helpful to get what you want and thus help Eris with the nightmare so terrifying that he pursues her.

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