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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Crimson Days Triumphs

2020-02-11 16:38:30

You want to know how to complete the triumphs of the crimson days in excellent Destiny 2 you are in the right place, since here the necessary will be covered.

 With the extensive and long cooperative event that is known as the Empyrean Foundation, we will be being tested once again by Destiny 2, we talk about the event of the week, where we want to know about how to complete the triumphs of the crimson days, these being a total of 10, now we will have more details that relate to this directly.


What is there to know about the crimson days event at Destiny 2?


 The beginning of this event is from February 11 to 18 of the same month, in this period of time certain unique features will be available, where a duo cooperation will be included in the PVP games, with a special currency and rewards that will be won and purchased from Lord Shaxx respectively, highlighting that there are reasons that some of us do not want to participate in this event even if it is of great importance, because it is similar in many things to last year, there are only changes in 1 or 2 exotic to be received as rewards, but even the triumphs will be the same, it is normal that some of us do not want to do the same, let's see how to complete the triumphs of the crimson days.

How to complete the triumphs of crimson days in Destiny 2?


 Knowing that there are 10 wins to win we will have the answers to How to complete the wins of the crimson days one by one in Destiny 2 below:


 Triumph: 1. Looking for love


 It is necessary that we complete the rewards of Crimson days, only it is not known what the amount will be but it is possible that then they are the same as last year for this Triumph.


 Triumph: 2. I am with you


 In this triumph we have to complete the games, being these of a special playlist which consists of a 2v2 battle between the guardians, unlike the triumph 1 that focused on the PvP.


 Triumph: 3. Love conquers all


 The fact of completing this triumph will be possible in parallel to the triumph 2, since it also requires that the games be won, we must defend our partner.


 Triumph: 4. Two to Tango


 To win this triumph we must complete a Nightfall in a team of 2 members, this must be completed before February 18.


 Win: 5. Homewrecker


 We are facing a more precise triumph in what we must do, for this we must be in a game of the playlist to defeat the Guardian enemies, at the same time they are affected by the love of the Meeting, the affectation to the companions of equipment that are united will be one of the characteristics of this playlist being the buff.


 Triumph: 6. Divide and conquer


 We have in this apparently the opposite of the previous triumph, since for this it will be necessary to defeat the Guardian enemies during the Crimson days games, while these are the separate teammates.

Triumph: 7. Merciless


 Again we have to defeat the Guardians in the games of the event, at the moment in which they have the advantage of revenge, so we have to avoid their revenge as to their defeated team member.


Triumph: 8. Avenged Love


 To avenge the fallen companions, at the opposite end of Heartless, will be a requirement of this Triumph, at the moment that the Guardians have the desires of revenge we must overcome them, the protection of our partner cannot be so rigid if we do not already have this .


Triumph: 9. Desire of the heart


 We must collect all the rewards, from the Vote to at least the hot gift of Lord Shaxx's crimson days.


Triumph: 10. Labor of Love


 The last of the wins, this brings with it the condition that we have collected the other 9 wins, being the task for this to consider to complete this, it adapts ideally to the name it has.

 In this way we reach the end of our Destiny 2 guide, in which we understand how to complete the triumphs of the crimson days and in this way we will enjoy this special event and also with special rewards.

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First-person shooter
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September 6, 2017

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