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Destiny 2: How to claim Twitch Prime Loot

2020-01-31 12:48:15

If you're wondering how to recover Twitch Prime loot in Destiny 2 don't worry because we prepared this guide to contact how to recover ? 

What is the Twitch Prime booty in Destiny 2?

It's a free booty that advances will have access through Twitch Prime during the next six months.  This loot will be composed of weapons, ships, sparrows and a lot of other ancient Eververse items that we'll leave with you next:

  • Brain-blasting emotion.

  • Plasma shell.

  • Stellar pavement.

  • Exotic assault rifle regime.

  • Coup de Main Ornament for the Suros Regime.

  • Skyline Flipside Shell.

  • Star Map Shell.

  • Ska Fleet IX Boat.

  • Whipcrack's Sparrow.

  • The Prospector Exotic Grenade Launcher.

  • Uninsured OUTCRY Send.

  • Boat of Praxicas galas.

  • Duck-shell.

  • Burnt Sparrow.

  • Poultry Emoticon.

  • Osiris Boat Sails.

  • Belvedere ornament for the prospector.

  • Hecuba-S Sparrow.

  • Age of Tomorrow Shell.

  • Prometheus Rifle lens for exotic tracking.

  • Death to the ship of Kells.

  • S 'more Emote.

  • Osiris eye ornament for Prometheus lens.

  • Tyrant Shell.

How to recover Twitch Prime loot in Destiny 2?

To get your loot the first requirement you have to meet is to have a Bungie account and be subscribed to Twitch Prime, this allows you to get the rewards from the specific loot page of the game in Twitch Prime and then collect them in the Amanda Holliday game in the Tower Hangar.

"But before you have to link your Bungie account to your Twitch account, for this we need to look for the button that says 'Claim Now' which is on the first booty batch that is displayed on the recently updated page after you have logged into Twitch.  You will be redirected to Bungie's site where you will need to log in with your preferred platform to retrieve your first lot of loot.

You will be able to check the accounts you have already associated from the Settings section on Bungie.net, where you will search for Accounts and Linking and search for Twitch.

Please note that every month for six months you can receive four items of loot.

Now that you know how to retrieve Twitch Prime loot at Destiny 2 you can go about getting your share, we hope this was an easy guide for you to follow and that you manage to complete the process quickly so you can start receiving your loot pieces as soon as possible.

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
First-person shooter
Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
Activision (2017–2019) , Bungie (2019–present)
Tiger Engine
Release date:
September 6, 2017

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