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Destiny 2: how to beat Season of Opulence’s endgame - Crown of Sorrow raid

2019-06-06 18:57:24

It's already started, and knowing how to win the season of Opulencia in Destiny 2 is the main objective this moment.

To win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2 is necessary among several things to complete the roadmap of Destiny 2 that the developers have released, which includes the unlocking of the new raid which is about to start and along with the season of Opulence in Destiny 2, also comes the Incurison of the Crown of Sorrow.

The fact is that everyone wants to know how to win in the season of Opulence in Destiny 2. But to win in the season of Opulence Destiny 2, as we mentioned there are a lot of specific things that must be completed and done. One of them is the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid.

To have access to the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid to take a step on how to win the Opulence season in Destiny 2, you will first have to complete the Invitation mission and level up beyond 710 Light. Do not be discouraged if you are behind in your level, the season of Opulence in Destiny 2 is just beginning and you still have a long way to go and opportunities to level up. In addition, you can get high-level team Invite mission, even developers have made raising light levels a little easier than before in Destiny 2.

Knowing how to win the Opulence season in Destiny 2, naturally involves completing the daily, weekly, and then unique activities of the Drifero Forge and Drifero Season in Destiny 2. Also, now that a fire team has overcome the incursion of the Crown of Sorrow in the season of Opulence of Destiny 2, randos of the Discordia "Looking for the Group" of the Destiny, and shoots the Crown of Sorrow assaulted.

Destiny 2: BEST GEAR for Season of Opulence Launch!

How to win in the season of Opulence using the weapons of Crown of Sorrow of Destiny 2.

So that you can win the Opulencia season in Destiny 2, you will have to make the most of the weapons of this season, which will play an important role in the Destiny 2 raids this season of Opulencia.

Among the weapons you can use to win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2 we can highlight the The Recluse SMG, the grenade launcher Mountaintop and the exotic pulse rifle perfected.

The Recluse SMG and the Mountaintop grenade launcher, are Crucible Pinnacle weapons and they do not quite please us at all, on the other hand, the exotic perfected pulse rifle has enchanted us a lot and we can recommend it openly to help you win the Opulence season in Destiny 2.

How can you find the commander of the Calus Hive to win the Opulence season?

When starting the raid of the Crown of Sorrow in the season of Opulence in Destiny 2, you will start in an open room, in which there is a circle just in front of you and inside the circle you will see a lot of human bones. BUT DO NOT GO TO ENTER, enter you would liquidate instantly, instead choose 3 players to do so.

Later you will have to form with your group of 6 in Destiny 2, 3 groups of 2 people each, do it in an equitable way so that in each group there is an improved player and an unarmed player and send them to the left, central and right areas of that same room.

The teams will have a minute of life, after the end of time they will be cursed and subsequently die.

On the other hand, your mission will be to prevent this from happening. Do not allow members of your group to be killed by reversing the timer. All the groups will have to meet again around a witch's Vassal located in the front center of the map in Destiny 2. Upon reaching the site, activate the Wass Vassal and the benefit will be transferred from those who already have it to the that they do not have it

When you are slapping you can only damage the Knights and Ogre Saints. You will have to be alert of the gentlemen who will appear on the sides and in the central part, kill them quickly.

After finishing the knights will appear two ogres, one blessed and one normal, join the blessed if you have the benefit already, but continue with the normal. Also try to eliminate normal enemies.

As all this happens, they will appear on the entire map of Destiny 2, crystals, to break them you will have to make two players, one improved and one without fighting shoot at the same time to be able to burst them.

You will have to repeat this several times to move on to the next phase of the raid and you will be one step closer to winning the Opulence season in Destiny 2, but as we have just said just one step, in order to win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2 You will have to do a few more things.

How can you complete the puzzle of jumping to win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2.

Winning the Opulence season in Destiny 2 also means having to complete a jumping puzzle and the raid with a lot more reason still.

When you start the puzzle in the Crown of Sorrow of the season of Opulence in Destiny 2, you will again have a circle in front of you that will give you certain benefits.

Now being in the puzzle, the crystals will no longer appear around the map of Destiny 2, but will appear on the platforms, and some will be protected by shields. These are the same crystals that appeared in the first encounter so again two players with the same characteristics as before will have to shoot at the same time to break them.

The buff swapping mechanic is also in place, so you'll also have to take care of that.

As you go up the puzzle, you can see another Witch Vassal, this will transfer the benefit once everyone is inside, plus here you can take advantage to save the progress.

How can Gahlran's deception to win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2 help you end it?

Here again you will have to start by dividing your team of 6 members into groups of 2 people each and place them on the side of the map.

Again, the mechanic of polished and hairless players will be here as well.

Start the fight by hitting Gahlran's deception, if it disappears perfectly, but if it stays there, avoid being attacked and do your thing.

The improvement plate will be generated on one side of the map, so you will have to ensure that one of the groups of two people you just formed is there to carry out the exchange.

Then two witches will appear and be treated by the players not buffed before a Blessed Ogre appears and they are killed by the buffed players.

At the end of this phase you will see a witch's Vassal.

The first team, which is the improved player and his partner, will have to approach the Vassal.

The second team, which is on the side of whoever had a disappearance of Galhran's deception, will have to send his nominated player to make an improvement.

And finally the third team, can rest assured, at the end of that phase the following work falls on the shoulders of the first two teams that you formed at the beginning of this part of the raid of the season of Opulence in Destiny 2, so that the cycle of Bruges and Ogres killing start again.

Once the Witch's Vassal is located in the last section, all players must review.

He then chooses a lint-free and polished player to complete the task of hitting Gahlran's Deception at the same time to break the shield and inflict damage.

When they destroy in Gahlran's Deception shield, only the lint-free players can attack, while the slapped players destroy their shield once it is rebuilt and the lint-free players can continue attacking, so that the improved players also perform this task , bear in mind that when a defeated player destroys the shield, it loses the benefit, but it can inflict damage on the boss

Continue this until you finish with Gahlran's deception and be one step closer to winning the Opulence season in Destiny 2.

How can Gahlran help you win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2?

Now, the moment of truth arrived.

To finish with Gahlran, shoot him and immediately three versions of him will appear in different points of the area.

Here you can also access an improvement plate. You will have to select three players (having formed teams of 2 players each) to make them jump on him while the other 3 will have to send them to his side of the map.

You will have to use the vassal of the witch who is on the right side, while looking at his Gahlran.

The crystals are again in this phase of the raid, but this time the crystals will be armored. Something that you will have to take care of because these could erase your team.

Players with a buff must kill the two Knights who spawn on their side. They will have to eliminate at least 4 Knights to make an Ogre or a Gahlran Deception.

If it looks like the Gahlran Deception, it designates an improved player to hit him at the same time he destroys his shield when he is at the top of the stairs. You will be able to realize when your protection is deactivated because it remains immobile, so the players on that side will have to be aware of when Gahlran's hand turns green to shoot him and end the deception.

Gahlran will pass the concentrated energy of his hand to his face. When this happens you will have to have one player put in one hand and another player in the other hand. Expect enough damage to be done so that two of the versions of yourself that you generated before disappear and there is only one left. When this happens everyone including you will have to shoot his hands and face.

Repeat and you can finish with Gahlran in maximum three cycles.

Remember to stay alert with the crystals while you exchange and refresh the benefits so that your Destiny 2 group does not disappear.

This is one of the most complicated raids the developers have brought us, but it is a necessary raid for you to know how to win the season of Opulence in Destiny 2, although you still have a lot of things to do to finally win the Opulencia season in Destiny 2.
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