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Destiny 2: How to beat Gahlran’s Deception boss - Third Encounter Crown of Sorrow

2019-06-12 18:38:59

Gahlran's deception boss will be your first battle in Crown of Sorrows, but do not trust it because it can give you and your team a lot of work in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that this is one of the most complex battles in Destiny 12 so you will have to give everything of you and your team to be able to defeat the head of Deception of Gahlran.

But do not worry. We have prepared a guide for you in which we tell you how to beat the head of Deception of Gahlran in Destiny 2 and we leave it to you next.

Destiny 2: Gahlran, The Sorrow-Bearer - Crown of Sorrow Raid Guide

How to beat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2.

To defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2, you must know that Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2 relies heavily on the blessing of the witch and the mechanics of the witch's ship.


In your fight to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2 you will have to finish a lot of Hive very quickly, and you will have to deal a good amount of damage very fast to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2.

What weapons do I use to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2?

In this battle the best weapon we can recommend is The Mountaintop, this is a PvP pinnacle weapon difficult to get from season 5. You can also use the legendary swords, if you could not get The Mountaintop, the legendary swords will be your best option.

Following are going to leave some recommendations for you to take into account and include in your team to beat the head of Deception of Gahlran:

  •     Kinetic - The Mountaintop.
  •     Energy - The Recluse.
  •     Power - Stryker's Sure-Hand. All equipment has PvP Pinnacle Armor.
  •     Kinetics - The top of the mountain.
  •     Energy - Fusion rifle.

    Power - Heavy grenade launcher. You have PvP pinnacles, but the team wants to use swords.

This last deployment is what we have used to clarify Gahlran's deception with new players in teaching careers or extra character careers. The Prisoner and the Mountaintop chew through the enemy waves, plus they will leave you with full sword ammunition ready to fight.

Although depending on whether you use swords with grenade launchers to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny2, you will have to change your strategy slightly, but we'll explain this a bit better.

The phase of the clock.

To be able to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2, first of all, you will have to identify him, you will be able to see him with an evil hat, besides being a very big man. Before he leaves, you'll have to invoke a miniature version of himself called Gahlran's Deception.

Gahlran's deception will appear in the 3 corners of the battle arena in Destiny 2, will be sitting in a bubble of immunity, like the crystals in the jump encounter.

Those 3 representations of Gahlran's deception, represent your three sections for this battle. If you look from the door through which you have just left the puzzle to jump, you can label the three sides as Right, Left and Middle.

In order to break the shield and defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2, you'll have to have a normal, blessed player to hit the deception from inside the shield that protects Gahlran's Deception boss from Destiny 2.

You will also have to divide your team into 3 teams of two players each and assign a starting section to fight from there.

If a player hits his Gahlran deception of Destiny 2, it will start the battle, but all cheats except one will disappear and walls will appear that separate the three sections of the arena.

The other two sides not caught with the Deception head of Gahlran of Destiny 2 will have to do two different jobs, the first job is to get a Witch Blessing pit and the other will have to deal with the normal waves of enemies.

You will have to pass the Blessing of the Witch from section to section until you can download the Deception shield.

When the fight begins, each team will be assigned a mission that they will have to perform simultaneously, they are random and depend on whether they have the blessing of a witch, Gahlran's deception or nothing. The mission of each team will change after each damage phase.

The work done by the teams to defeat the Deception chief of Gahlran in Destiny 2.

The blessing team of the witch

You and your other team member will have to stay as safe as possible, always safe to complete all the tasks that the witch's blessing in Destiny 2 implies and activate the damage phase to change the mission.

If your buff player dies, the group will reappear in your area. But you will lose a lot of valuable time.

Choose a player in the two-player squad to catch the benefit.

Will appear enemies throughout the area, but near the blessed player, will appear enemies both blessed and normal. Eliminate them all including the Ogre so that you can work the Blessing of the Witch.

Once you finish with the Ogres of the three sections, a witch vessel will appear next to the wall in a clockwise direction from where the blessing began, just to the right of the blessed team.

The two players who are on the blessed side, will have to enter the purple circle of the Witch's Cup, once one of the players on the side of Nothing is inside the circle on the other side of the wall you will have to use a a normal and blessed player to attack the boat.

This will make the polarization of your partner and yours change and give the benefit to one of the other players on the Nothing side.

The ship will disappear taking the wall between the side of the Blessing of the Witch and the Nothing.

After this you will have to verify that each side has a Blessed and Normal player, to finish with the rest of the normal and blessed enemies along with the Ogre.

Kill the three Ogres again to generate another vessel in a clockwise direction from the Nothing side. Now you will have to take the four players from the Blessing of the Witch and Nada and also one of the players from the Gahlran Deception team to the Vessel circle and have them enter him.

Activate the Witch's Glass this will change the polarization between all the players that are inside the circle, generating a blessed and normal player of each section team.

You will be able to realize that you are a member of the Nothing team when your Deception disappears at the beginning of the fight and the Blessing of the witch is not in your section. You will have to kill the enemies and also the boss Ogre of your section.

Once you have eliminated the first Ogre, you will have to make one of your players turn counterclockwise from your section to prepare for the Vessel.

After all the players finish their Ogre, the Ship will appear. You will have to attack the orb next to the Blessing of the Witch team to get a Blessing in your section.

This should generate a Blessed and Normal player in the Nothing section. Kill the enemies and the other Ogre boss, to generate another witch ship in a clockwise direction from the Nothing section.

The four players of the Blessing and Nothing of the Witch teams must meet in the aura of the Ship. A Deception team player will have to enter before using the witch's cup, so be aware of this.

Deception team in Destiny 2.

In the lower power you will have to start with the deceit of Gahlran de Destiny something that is not easy at all.

You will have to eliminate the enemies and the Ogre while the deception is chasing you. Try to have a good communication between the players to be alert in case the deception gets to brew and you can be prevented so that it does not kill you.

Adjust the light to 725 or more if you can, take care of the children of the Deception.

Here you will have to stand on the pillars and go killing all the enemies while they are generating. Crouching while on the pillars will make the Deception can no longer be fired. You will have to continue killing enemies while you move away from the deception until your team goes to help you.

Once the wall falls and the three sections are open, you'll have to be ready to defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2.

Quickly lower the Engao's shield to prevent it from casting a spell that eliminates the raid against it, although you can also open its shield while channeling the spell. This will cause the channel to break and open it to be damaged.

The time to beat Gahlran's Deception boss on Destiny 2 arrived.

After tearing down the walls, you will have to make a blessed player approach the boss's shield, ready to face.

But keep in mind that blessed players can not do any damage to help defeat Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2 while they are blessed, and they will lose their blessing if they are too close to the shield when it is opened.

So we recommend that you do not leave the rest of the players blessed in the front line of battle. Try to keep them behind so they can finish with the Blessed Thralls that will be generated.

After sending one of the blessed players near the shield of the chief Deception of Gahlran in Destiny 2, you will have to send all the normal players to attack the Deception boss of Gahlran in Destiny 2, although it is not necessary to send all normal players to fight it, but we got better results by sending them all.

After hitting Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2, with a normal and blessed melee combat, the shield will go down and cover his face.

It's time to attack Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2. Drop a Glow Well as close as you can to Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2 and have all normal players attack the Deception with their swords.

We recommend using this sword combo: light attack, light attack, heavy attack and repeat to increase the damage inflicted on Gahlran's Deception boss in Destiny 2.

In a moment you will see another Blessed player near the head of Deception of Gahlran, this will attack the head of Destiny once the shield rises, while the normal players will also continue attacking, the shield will open again and extend the damage phase You will have to repeat the process with the Blessed Judge again when the shield returns.

If you are using the top-of-the-mountain strategy, have a normal player and a blessed player run forward and hit Gahlran's deception as usual. Always stay behind and use a Warlock of Lunafaction Boots in a Glow Pit to hit the Deception Head of Gahlran of Destiny 2 using the shots from the top of the mountain continuing until all ammo is exhausted including those of the grenade launcher.

Try to take away as much health as you can before you retire to your initial position. Have all the members of your team also retire to their sections, until the fight starts again.

Keep in mind that you will only have three complete cycles to kill Gahlran's deception. After finishing the health of Gahlran's Deception, he will die and you will be very well rewarded.
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