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Destiny 2: How to Beat Altars of Sorrow Public Event

2019-10-31 07:21:07

We have made a guide to teach you how to  Altars of Sorrow Public Event in Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2 a new expansion has been incorporated this October 29, related to Halloween, this is a public event that has been called Altars of Sorrow, where we will find a final boss, here we must use our skills and coordination to defeat him, in This event apart from eliminating the boss we have to clear the waves completely, so accompany me to discover how we can defeat the altars in the public pain event.

How can we  Altars of Sorrow Public Event in Destiny 2?

In order to beat it is good to use these councils, the first thing will be to assemble a team of three, since we will need at least 4 or 5 people to reach the last level, and be able to beat the final boss, in this group we can include a killer boss Celestial Gunslinger, will be an excellent option, another member for this team is roaming and the ideal for this is Stormcaller, finally this team can be completed with someone of support, for this position is good Bubble Sentinel.

On the other hand it is good to keep in mind before starting, that it is not logical to participate alone, because in this sense this event must be treated, like the Warmind's Escalation Protocol, meanwhile, it is very important to know that this event is completed when we have a huge power, which includes 960 power.

The event starts with the enemies Nightmares that are in constant motion from the whirlwind of death until they reach the altar, here it is necessary to kill these enemies, every time we eliminate Nightmares, 10 seconds will be added to the timer, in the first 3 levels these enemies are quite easy to kill, since they usually fall easily, as long as we are awake we will not fail.

On the other hand, every time we eliminate another enemy, 1 second is added, our goal here is to kill Nightmares before they can reach the altar, before time runs out, in this level 3 we have the opportunity to unlock a dungeon called Pit of Heresy, this is optional.

How can we beat the attendees of the altars in the public pain event in Destiny 2?

The assistants are simply protected wizards, because these characters are the ones who generate nightmares and this makes the situation here a bit more complex, so the most successful thing at this point is to kill those wizards, it is necessary to dispense with this enemy , killing any enemy as long as this is not Nightmares, because the objective here is that the rest of the team is focused on nightmares and wizards, to keep the time as high as possible.

To eliminate these magicians it is necessary to break the shields with swords, these can be removed to the knights of the orange bar, at this point there is no need to stop, because the marker tends to get too close and according to the amount of people we have , all this remains so until the meeting with the final boss.

Who is the final head of the altars in the public pain event in Destiny 2?

The first thing we will do is burn as much health as possible, because here we have the opportunity to burn our supervisor, although the most accurate thing is to save him.

The final boss in this whole event is Phogoth, this is a rather evil man, which indicates that it is most likely a nightmare.

In this part of the event, we are a little short of time, here it is necessary to have someone to take care of the enemies, this is where we want to be able to burn big, to avoid chaos and be able to sell to this boss, of course , to say it may sound simple, but to carry it out is somewhat complex, because this pattern is something that has to be repeated constantly, so we must do everything in our power, in order to avoid the accumulation of nightmares, since When we manage to harm Phogoth, he has to become invincible, and it is there that hunting two nightmares of lesser rank is fundamental, since the ideal is to prevent them from reaching the altar, to prevent time from running out.

Here the most logical objective is to eliminate anything other than Phogoth, for this it is good to consider the following:

Keep the timer high Do not die Do not allow sacrifices of Nightmares

What are the rewards of the altars at the public pain event in Destiny 2?

Here we find two very interesting rewards and these are:

Blasphemous kinetic shotgun with random shots.

Each week we will see different new bosses, who possess weapons very similar to the Protocol of Estalación in Destiny 2.

Finally, we hope that with these tips, you can  Altars of Sorrow Public Event and give way to new battles against bosses in Destiny 2.

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September 6, 2017

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