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Destiny 2: How to Activate Cross Save easily

2019-08-23 18:42:23

Through this Destiny 2 guide, we will guide you so that you can activate Cross Save with ease, as it allows you to transfer and play on your account with PS4, PC and Xbox One devices.

 This new feature of Destiny 2, is very interesting because it allows players to transfer their progress and play their account on Xbox One, PC and PS4, this makes activating Cross Save more flexible, and so players can prepare their accounts and Owners of the game can do so on multiple platforms.

What does Cross Save allow us in Destiny 2

As far as we know, this feature allows Destiny 2 players to transfer their characters along with their teams and can pick them up and play them on any other platform. It also allows you to pass any loot obtained on another platform without being the platform on which you have played.

 How to activate / use Cross Save in Destiny 2

 The first thing you must do to activate Cross Save is to go to the Bungie's Cross Save site and start the section, then you must click on the start button, you will be directed to an agreement page, you must accept the Cross terms and click start. On the next page you have to authenticate and link your accounts between Xbox One, PS4, and PC users must use the Battle.net system to transfer their account to Steam which will be the new home of Destiny2.

 You must bear in mind that your silver obtained on one platform cannot be transferred to another, this indicates that you must spend your silver where I bought it. When all your accounts are already linked, press continue. You have to choose which of the characters used on your platform should be your main account, since it is not allowed to merge accounts and you must use a single main account on all platforms.

 Fortunately, selecting a primary account does not imply deleting characters from other accounts, but you will not have access while Cross Save is enabled. However, you can disable it whenever you want, but keep in mind that if you do it for security reasons if Cross is deactivated, you can activate it again in 90 days, so think about it before acting.

 When you make a choice you have to select review settings, you will find the final screen of the process, there you can check the choices made and confirm that everything is correct. Notice that your characters shown in the upper left box are the originals, and the clans listed will be the characters, there it tells you the clans that can be accessible on all platforms on the right. If you have everything right you just have to press Yes.

 We hope that with this guide you have cleared your concerns about how to activate Cross Save in Destiny 2, and you can play on all the platforms you want, just remember that the money earned on other platforms you will not be able to transfer and if you decide to disable Cross you must wait 90 days to activate it again.

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