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Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid - ritual 1st Encounter - the basic mechanics

2019-06-05 17:36:34

The new Season of Opulence belonging to the brutal game Destiny 2 is already available and brings with it several changes and new things, including the Crown of Sorrow raid, which is also ready to be addressed. In this raid also a series of new things are presented with which you will interact within the contest. In this guide of xboxplay.games several details will be presented regarding what has been seen so far in Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid.

The Destiny 2 incursion Corona de dolor deactivates the power advantage over 720

During the first 24 hours of the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow, there will be a special contest where no power level advantage will be available based on any specific level.

In regards to comments made by developer Bungie, he said that during the time for which the contest is active, all players will face a forced challenge in what will be the Crown of Sorrow raid. The challenge is that as long as the contest is active, any power that passes certain established levels will not produce any advantage for any specific battle.

Restrictions imply that, for example, during the first battle, all power over 700 will not provide any advantage to the players; while for the final battle, all Power Levels above 720 will also be re-stipulated to provide advantages.

Gahlran's Deception Encounter - Crown of Sorrow Raid (Final Boss Phase 1)

It is important to mention that all these restraints

implemented by the incursion Destiny 2 Corona de dolor are going to be removed after the first 24 hours. In this sense, after passing the 24-hour period, it will be possible to take advantage of the highest power levels.

The crystals will kill you in Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow

During the first meeting you will find some crystals. To these, if they do not get to shoot, the whole team can die. In this sense it is very important to remove these crystals as soon as they can appear. By doing so, several of the people in your squad are going to get benefits from Bruges

Benefits of Bruges in Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow

When the squad gets the benefit of Bruges, it will allow inflicting damage to the knights and ogres. This effect can last a minute, so it should be used as much time as possible. In this sense it is necessary to kill as many enemies as possible, but without letting the controller reach zero. In case you want to extend the term for the benefit, you should only refresh the effect before it disappears.

Refreshing the effect of the profit Bruges buff

In the case that the effect of the Bruges benefit is happening and you want to refresh, you only need to reach the center of the room to find the sphere that can be found there. At that point, all teammates need to be inside the sphere and once inside they just need to shoot to restore the benefit of Bruges. Once this is done, you can continue to kill many enemies to take advantage of the effect.

These are the details that we have up to now in regards to the incursion Destiny 2 Corona de dolor, since it is a new event we still have a lot of information to collect, so please be aware of the updates we will be doing and the articles that we will be adding.

Remember to always come back here, xboxplay.games and keep using our other guides that we will be adding.

You can also leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or any other details that you want to add with which to help the other players in the community.

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