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Destiny 2: how to Find the Prismatic - European Aerial Zone location

2019-08-01 17:25:41

Are you interested in finding the Prismatic in Destiny 2? Then you should take a look at this section.

Finally, the annual Destiny 2 Hero Solstice event was launched, bringing with it a series of challenges to complete with the goal of bringing the low-level rarity team through Legendary and Masterworked. Another novelty brought by this event is the new PvE mode known as the European Air Zone, which consists of competing players against the clock to defeat the mini bosses and face a final fight against the boss. Where you will discover a new public event that involves a search for a prismatic enemy. To make things easier for you, we prepare for you a series of indications that will allow you to find the Prismatic Destiny 2.

How to find the Prismatic in Destiny 2?

Locations: The first thing you should know before finding the primal is that the location of this event is completely random and that it only offers a minimum clue about where to find this enemy. Another disadvantage of this event is that it has a timer, which generates more pressure when finding the prismatic.

Below we will show you the possible locations where you could find the Prismatic in Destiny 2:

Shopping center: this is located on the back, just to the left of the map. The Taken is usually found on the roof of the building connected to the red building.

Factory: it is located on the back of the map as a large structure. It should be noted that the head of Taken is usually on the ground floor inside.

Ruins: you can locate it in the back right corner of the map. The Taken almost always stand in a broken portion of the building.

Garage: this is located on the right side of the map (closer to the spawning location than the others). Usually the boss taken appears on the roof.

What do you want to eliminate the Prismatic in Destiny 2?

By eliminating it, you will receive as a reward a special star orb, which gives you immediate elemental empowerment, as you leave your current orb stack in place. It is worth mentioning that this benefit can be obtained by gathering a stack of 30 orbs that match the current active element of that day.

How to know when the prismatic is nearby?

To find out if the boss is near Destiny 2, normal roaming will simply appear. A public event symbol that will indicate when you are close to the target in question.

This would be basically all you need to know when finding the Prismatic in Destiny 2. Now it's your turn to put it into practice.

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