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Having some sharp weapons is always a Destiny 2 advantage, so today we are going to explain how to unlock the Redrix’s Broadsword

What is the Redrix’s Broadsword in Destiny 2?

While we progress in this game, there is the possibility of obtaining a certain number of objects that have some kind of value or meaning, which leads us to want to know how to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword, counting on the fact that this is simply a curated version since it is a extremely valuable weapon and it is likely that it can resurface in PvE or with PvP.

Redrix’s Broadsword offers us the possibility of obtaining a Shaxx loot as a reward for having obtained it, in addition to being a sword that has the ability to increase the firing speed without reloading considering that it is necessary to consider that Outlaw must be active, it is a weapon of precision, rather we could be talking about this being a kinetic pulse weapon.
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    How to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword in Destiny 2?


     To obtain this sword it is necessary in the first instance to follow the steps that we will describe below, in addition to indicating that they must be followed in this sequence, since one fact leads to the other until the end of the activities and that allows us to obtain said weapon.


     The orientation.

     This is the first step to achieve it and it is necessary to get a total of 200 deaths with pulse rifles in some crucible list, either being competitive or Quickplay, since it is a task that can be accomplished fairly quickly, there are those who take just a few games as long as Moment Control is live.


    •  It is possible to use the Premonition.
    • It is an option to use the Master Vigilance Wing.
    • We can use the Graviton lance


    Way of things to come.

     We advance in our search to know how to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword and we come to the next step where it is necessary to seriously consider the winning streaks, since it will be precisely these who can promote the necessary value, the most ideal is to get to play with a fire team that It can be created and this is mainly because it is necessary to be good enough, since it is necessary to reach the rank of hero and to achieve it will only depend on the skill with which we can achieve victories.

    The candidate.

     This is a very important step where it is necessary to do it with all the security that we have and using heavy ammunition or using shotguns.

    •  It takes about 75 medals for double kills.
    • Our progression work does not count assists.
    • The deaths caused must be carried out by ourselves.


    The Dead is Dead.

     Destiny 2 indicates a series of interesting steps and in this particularly it is necessary to be as direct as possible.

    •  We need to use Impulse Control.
    • Use weapons such as The Graviton Spear, The Perfect Bud or the Premonition.
    • A total of 150 kills are required.


    The instructions.

     As we go through these steps we realize that knowing how to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword is not an easy task but little by little it is taking shape and these instructions specifically allow us to:

    •  Get at least 150 deaths in total.
    • Get 50 kills with Bow.
    • It is necessary to use our skills.


    This place is Death.

     Not everything is as precious as one would like and more where shooting is a necessary attraction.

    •  At this point it is necessary to complete 25 matches.
    • Make use of the Quicplay, Competitive or Rumble lists.


    The constant.

     This is a step that could well be from the beginning and keep us working slowly on it, for this it is necessary:

    •  Get a total of 20 days rewards.
    • Avoid weekly or repeatable rewards.


    The beginning of the end.

     It is necessary to think that little by little as we progress we are getting closer to the end of this long task, here we need.

    •  Reset our value range about 5 times in just 1 season.
    • Get a total of 2,000 value points.


    The end.

     With this we can feel calm, because we have already managed to restore the necessary value and it is only time to return to Lord Shaxx who is located in the tower at Destiny 2, now that we have already fulfilled our task and have all the requirements done, the time to claim the sword and end our activity for today.


    This is the necessary way to know how to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword and to have it with us while we continue our walk through Destiny 2.

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