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Those who do not know how to get sustained charge mod at Destiny 2 with this article will know everything you need to get it.

What is sustained load mode in Destiny 2?

It is one of the modifications that expert players use to take their constructions to the next level, being ideal for those players with a taste for automatic rifles, tracking rifles or machine guns, since with this you can charge yourself with light and quickly eliminate your enemies with any of the above weapons. In addition to the fact that you can also stack additional copies of the mod to increase the time allowed and thus achieve the Charged with Light state, so with this in mind, it is important that you know how to get sustained charge mod.

How to get sustained charge mod in Destiny 2?

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    The first thing you have to do is visit Ada-1 in the tower annex.

    Ada-1 is a Splicer Season Vendor, from whom you can purchase various mods, one of which is Sustained Charge. This mod is priced at 10 Mod Components.

    You will be able to obtain mod components by completing the Gunsmith bounties for Banshee-44 in the main tower area. For this modification you will have to place 4 solar energies in the armor> which will allow you to charge yourself with light. Note that the state can increase damage or survivability depending on the mods you have equipped.

    It is important to note that Ada-1's requirements to obtain the Sustained Charge mod will change every day, so it may not be available every day.

    Now that you know how to get sustained charge mod in Destiny 2, we hope that little by little you will become one of the best players and take your constructions to the next step and if you already are, with this modification you will be able to continue climbing more and more.

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