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Enemies are the order of the day in Demon's Souls and this allows us to talk to you about How to beat Phalanx

Who is Phalanx in Demon's Souls?

  As we enter this game we are given the possibility of facing some beings that can be formidable in such a way that knowing how to beat Phalanx simply embarks us on a hard work and it is because this opponent is simply the first boss to whom It is necessary to face, this is a Beast that is duly protected, which leads us to have to consider the possibility of being as prepared as possible.
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    How to beat Phalanx in Demon's Souls?

     To beat this boss it is necessary to consider some necessary aspects such as:

    •  This boss usually has spears and shields spots.
    • Removing stains is an excellent option as it leaves you vulnerable.
    • Taking the shadows is a task that we can do little by little since they tend to separate which allows us to create an opening for ourselves.
    • It is necessary to take care of hitting the shields behind since they can mitigate the frontal damage and when they are hit they lose power.
    • It is necessary to wait for the soft core to be exposed to generate a blow and thus get to damage this boss in Demon's Souls
    • It is possible to make use of the incendiary bombs that are found in this place since they can allow us to throw some splashes.
    • We can choose to burn the Falange because this boss usually points it out.
    • One of the most feasible tactics to know how to beat Phalanx is undoubtedly magic, so we can cast the Arrow of the Soul especially because the shields are vulnerable to it.
    • To get the soft core of this boss to be exposed, it is necessary to loot a good amount of globules.
    • Our task is to choose to burn some amount of stains that allows us to make an opening and thus be able to access the entrails of this boss.
    • The sword is our best weapon to access and deal damage within the soft innards.
    • It is vital to avoid that the spots approach us since they can do so in a stealthy way, since avoiding that they group us is a necessary task to achieve our objective.

      The rewards for beating Phalanx in Demon’s Souls are:

    •  1270 souls.
    • 1 leader demon soul.
    • Phalanx's trophy.
    • The rainbow stone


     Now that you know how to beat Phalanx it is time to carry out this fight and with it kill our first boss in Demon's Souls.

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