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In the universe of Death's Door we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat the witch of urns and here are the details.

What to know about the witch of urns in Death's Door?

It is one of the bosses that we will face in the game this can turn out to be a challenge, where the first dungeon to overcome is in the ceramic mansion of the grandmother, but it is opportune that we take into account How to beat the witch of the urns and for this the following details, let's see them.

How to beat the witch of urns in Death's Door?

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    It is important that on How to beat the witch of urns in Death's Door we are alert to her attacks such as the throwing of the jugs, with which it can cause harm and also causes a green spiritual orb that comes in our direction, at that moment it is find jumping from one side to the other, causing damage in the areas that we fall, it is necessary that we dodge at that time while we progress in the combat in Death's Door at some point it will make a jump in a pot and it is turning while At the same time it shoots us a purple spiritual orb in the style of bullet hell that must be avoided until it ends, then it will come out of the pot and start again, then on How to beat the witch of urns we must cause enough damage that will lead her to add a new movement in which it will cross the room, emitting purple orbs along its way, then we dodge until it reaches its end, but it is opportune to have with greater details there the combat in stages.


    •  Stage 1: we face some jugs that were seen in the ceramic mansion, one of these boots purple smoke while the other is the same, but blue, apart from this there is a green orb that comes for us, we just have to dodge the jars and when followed by the orb we must attack it to divert it, considering that they always go in the direction we are, after it has thrown enough it will go to a pot in Death's Door, then we will attack the pot directly to cause damage , it is inside the pot it makes some rebounds with the intention of damaging us, we have to run until it stops bouncing, the pot will overturn and it will be spinning while it is throwing some purple bullets that we must dodge or attack, while it is in the pot we can still continue attacking, when it finishes and leaves the pot it will repeat everything again, from the jars, what we will do is repeat what was done until we manage to cause damage on How to beat the witch of urns and pass go to the next stage.
    • Stage 2: in this we have reduced the combat looking to see how to beat the witch of urns, once we see our opponent skating around the room we have to get to make purple fireballs on both sides of his path that we must dodge and in turn hit them with them, even when he jumps he also throws the purple fireballs, but you have to do the same in Death's Door until he finally falls.

     In this way we finalize our Death's Door guide, now you know how to beat the witch of urns, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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