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We invite you to discover how to beat the king of the swamp, a new task, in Death's Door.

What to know about the swamp king in Death's Door?


This is one of the bosses that we will face in the game, this turns out to be funny and unique as the different ones that are presented as we progress, it is important that to move forward we manage to understand how to beat the king of the swamp and for that we have the contents of this guide to guide us, let's see it.


How to beat the king of the swamp in Death's Door?


In full combat we will be guided in the direction in which he will be hitting and will hit, we will know it through the king, then we have to know how to beat the king of the swamp in Death's Door if so we will be in a simple confrontation, we will notice that the king starts with a few jumps with his mace, which we must dodge and hit from behind three times to enter the next stage, where it will be positioned on each side of the huge platform in order to perform many attacks, when we survive these we must hit the mace on his back to regenerate the blocks of the platform in Death's Door, we follow the same pattern causing damage and end up managing to solve how to beat the king of the swamp to progress, it is appropriate to see it in more detail divided by stages and that is what we can see below.

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    First stage: firstly this boss will keep using his huge mace, while he keeps jumping will be disappearing the squares through which he passes, if we get to find us underneath he causes us damage, after he makes many steps we have to make a superior attack with his mace that will allow the restoration of the blocks that he broke before, then we on how to beat the king of the swamp have to focus on dodging and place us behind him for his final attack, leaving the back in good position to attack him in Death's Door, which will make the armor strap fall sending him into the water, now we have to keep moving because he will seek to attack us from below, we will notice a square waving where he intends to leave, when he appears on the platform he performs again the jump with his mace, what we will do is to continue dodging him until we hit him 3 times to enter the next stage.

    Second stage:
    at the beginning of this stage we have a bigger boss with his armor losing and jumping everywhere, when he appears and is somewhat still we take the opportunity to hit him in Death's Door after we hurt him enough this will go jumping to the bottom of the platform and will cause it to tilt, which causes a shattering of the squares randomly, then we must move avoiding falling into the water, when this ends again will be on the platform, we must have our magic hitting him as much as possible and count on a reserved arrow shot, after we have caused him damage he will go to the top of the platform and will be on his back for a while, it is here where we will use the arrow to hit him in the mace, which will return the platform to normal, then he will shoot grenades that will break the tiles, we must dodge them and while we are moving follow what the boss is doing to see how to beat the king of the swamp, what he did before he will do it again, and we also apply what we did until he falls defeated.

     Knowing how to beat the king of the swamp is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Death's Door.

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