2018-12-02 22:58:26

Sony Brazil announces that in December 2018 The Game Awards would be released the release date of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, but the true release date was filmed In May, the Walmart Canada chain of stores unveiled a multitude of unannounced games that ended up being officially presented. This same store now places the launch of the expected Death Stranding for June of next year, but for now there is an official announcement about the release date of the new video game by Hideo Kojima, father among others of the Metal Gear series.

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    Regarding the release in June, although it might seem too premature for Kojima's project, the truth is that in recent weeks it has already been announced that Death Stranding would be in the polishing phase, which would mean that its development is much more advanced of what was intuited. None of this, however, has been officially confirmed by its creators so it remains to wait until December 6 to discover if the release date of this expected adventure developed by the author of Metal Gear is announced.