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Death Stranding: How to Soothe BB - tips and tricks

2019-11-11 08:42:55

For all those who wonder how to calm BB at Death Stranding, we have already covered everything with this guide so let's start.

What is BB in Death Stranding?

It could be said that it is the mascot of the game, which we could see for the first time in the game's trailers as a mysterious baby floating in a tank of yellow liquid, although in this sense there is nothing to tin, the game has been involved in mystery even since it was announced and now that it began the mysteries are not left behind. But what is not a mystery at least as of now is how to Soothe BB in Death Strandingg, because in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

What is BB in Death Stranding for?

These have the ability to detect the presence of BT, fog-shaped humanoid creatures that you will find throughout the game and will complicate things. BBs will also allow you to see the spectral forms they leave behind and the worse your BB units feel their results and performance will be less inefficient. and for this we will have to know how to Soothe BB.

How to Soothe BB in Death Stranding?

To know how calm you are, you will have to check your meter, which is in the HUD and is orange. The more you have your meter will be lower causing you to develop autotoxemia.

Always try to stay away from any stressful situation, such as falling from great heights, being attacked, and so on. This will prevent BB from stressing and crying.

If you stress what you have to do to Soothe BB is to quickly find a safe and stable place and press the L1 button to go first person. Use the Joystick to examine BB and press the square. You can calm it using the controller buttons or using motion controls to balance and physically balance the controller.

You can also calm him by entering the hot springs, entering private rooms in safe houses or safe places, raising Sam's level of connection with his BB, moving through the BB signals of other players. In general, calming BB in Death Stranding is not complicated, there are many ways to do it and none of these ways means a lot of complexity.

BB is an important piece of Death Stranding, making more than just a tool a fundamental piece for the game that you want to calm down when required, now that you know how to Soothe BB exactly we hope you can continue advancing in Death Stranding quickly now that it has been released , or at least for PlaySatation 4 users, because PC users will have to wait until 2020 to reach them.

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