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Death Stranding: How to Use Fragile for Fast Travel

2019-11-08 05:15:04

This time we bring you a Death Stranding guide where we will explain how you can use Fragile for fast trips.

Why do we need to use Fragile in Death Stranding?

The use that we will give to Fragile is simple, since it is a system of fast trips, which are fundamental since we will have to cover a lot of land space, and although we have some vehicles at our disposal, this will not be enough for our work , since here we will have to travel fast to be able to rebuild the United States, since a catastrophe has happened before, where there are some very relevant failures and that is that the wall that separates the living from the dead has been weakened, here our goal should be fighting to maintain balance and only walking as Same does from the beginning does not get a better response.

How can I travel fast with Fragile in Death Stranding?

In order to make quick trips from a safe house to another safe house, it is necessary to talk with Fragile, because she has a wonderful ability and is to teleport, which is highly positive according to the work we are doing at this time, and since here our goal must be to recover America completely, which means connecting all the Chiral in Episode 3, and this is executed once we have finished several missions in the main story, which represents a series of details of the safe house menu.

When we are at home safe the most logical thing is to rest a little from the private lounge, because, here we have the option to observe the Fragile umbrella, then we will give square instructions to start it, it is here that its owner appears and tells us Where we want to move.

A very important detail is that we must be well all the time, because during these trips it is necessary to make new items, since those that we have cannot transport them, and they will simply stay in the location where we are at the moment of executing our trip that is to say, they will not go with us, because we cannot carry anything more than ourselves.

When we have chosen the destination where we will move and finally we are ready to leave it is necessary to go to the private room, because this is the place where we will be using Fragile.

To conclude, running fast trips using Fragile is essential to cover large areas of land in Death Stranding.

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