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Dead Cells Bad Seed: How to get all weapons

2020-02-13 13:43:53

First of all, knowing how to get all the weapons in Dead Cells Bad Seed is very important and that is why we will cover the details in this guide.

With Dead Cells Bad Seed we have access to 2 exploration areas available, here we will face new monsters and we will even have as an opponent a new boss called Mama Tick, we also have much more added content, such as weapons plans and new costumes, this time we what we are interested in knowing is how to obtain all the weapons and for this we will have the explanatory content of this guide.

How to get all weapons in Dead Cells Bad Seed?

We will have access to all weapons when using the Dilapidated Arboretum Wrench, so it will be important that we have it.

What should we know about all the weapons in Dead Cells Bad Seed?

Flashing fans

This weapon consists in the use of some fans with what we will cause damage, it is based on tactics and brutalities, seeing that a projectile will be approaching us and we attack with this weapon at the right time, we can reflect the projectile against our enemy, if successful, in a period of 8 seconds we will cause critical damage to our enemy, this weapon enters a single slot.


Silence is the perfect feature of this weapon, with this we will be able to hit our enemies before they realize, at a tactical distance, to be a blow behind our enemy, the damage caused will be critical, if we we focus on this attack tactic we can get a lot of benefit, we will occupy a slot with this weapon.

Rhythm n 'Bouzouki

This weapon consists of an instrument that is handled with both hands, which by balancing we will give our enemies with the musical power, based on brutality and survival, this weapon is of great weight, so that our strokes are critical we must have synchrony For the 2nd and 3rd blow, it will be perfect for us to know how to have it timed to get the most out of this weapon, it enters a single space.

Claw of the left scythe

We have with this weapon a considerable range, used with 2 hands, we can attack multiple enemies at the same time, it is based on survival, if our first attack is with the right claw this blow will be critical, it occupies 2 slots, it is possible cause this damage by hitting both, the maximum benefit of this weapon, we will see it in the exchange of the 2 slots, by defeating Chief Mama Tick we will obtain this weapon.

These are all the answers you need to know about How to get all the weapons, we hope you improve our performance in Dead Cells Bad Seed with this knowledge explained here in this guide.

PC, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Roguelike, metroidvania
Motion Twin, Evil Empire
Motion Twin, Playdigious
Single player

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