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Find out how to get iridescent shards to advance in Dead by Daylight.

What to know about the iridescent fragments in Dead by Daylight?

  It is one of the options that help us to improve our level, collecting these fragments, being ideal because leveling up allows us to gain better advantages in our progress, now it is ideal to know how to obtain iridescent fragments and that is what we will see in the next content, let's see.

How to get iridescent shards in Dead by Daylight?

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    Experience is the key to our progress in the game, having the options that lead us to obtain it such as the completed tests and the time that is invested in the games, the iridescent fragments are a factor that is associated with this fact of obtaining XP, After we have progressed to the middle of level 2, it is possible to start obtaining these fragments, earning 0.072 fragments for each XP that we add, the greater the amount of XP, the better our statistics will be, even to be able to buy the perks, we must also consider the increase in perks to help us, which will make us have better survival options.

     The way of calculating the system that corresponds to the XP is based on the survival time during a test, which are we become newbies it is possible that we lose very quickly, but if we manage to resist 10 minutes we can win a significant XP loot, Because the maximum limit is 10 minutes per test, if we reach the end we will earn 600 XP, then the main objective of the game is survival.

     In this way we end our Dead by Daylight guide, now you know how to get iridescent shards, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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