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Days Gone which is the best weapon

2019-05-15 18:16:09

In a post-apocalyptic world like Days Gone, full of zombies and where resources are so lacking that they prevent the union of the few beings that remain alive, it's very necessary to know which are the best weapons you can count on. So here, in xboxplay.games, we want to leave some very good recommendations that you should consider among which include the best weapons to use from the beginning, some of the skills that can not be missing.

DAYS GONE- Chicago Chopper vs Horde

Chicago Chopper is the best weapon in Days Gone

There are several reasons why consider the Chicago Chopper as the best weapon in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombiesDays Gone. Here are some:

- Good damage capacity: can kill enemies with a single bullet.
- It carries a lot of ammunition: with the Chicago Chopper you can load many ammunition. 55 go in the magazine plus 275 ammunition, giving a total of 300 ammunition.
- It is very effective for remote combat.
- Ease to end the hordes: the Chicago Chopper is capable of finishing a complete horde in a few seconds, given that up to 55 enemies can be shot down in an instant.

Taking into account the above data, the Chicago Chopper has the ability to end a 55-Freaker horde in a few seconds easily and since you can do it at a certain distance, you can have more peace of mind by staying safe.

All this means that the hordes will have much less effectiveness against you, since you can finish them quickly and that the Chicago Chopper is very fast, powerful and capable of many ammunition. It's a very complete weapon.

How to get the Chicago Chopper

You can get it by buying it from the Merchant who is in the fifth camp: Wizard Island. This being the fifth region you visit, and although the story takes you there, it may turn out to be something late in the game to obtain such a majestic weapon.

Best melee weapon in Days Gone

Among all the melee weapons, the best is the Ax Ax. This is able to kill the enemies in one fell swoop, when you have the melee abilities "Hard Hitter" and "Home Run". The recipe is obtained to elaborate it when you are conquering camps in the form of ambushes. However, repairing this weapon carries a lot of scrap.

Contrary to Bat Ax, there is the Spiked Bat who has a better relationship in terms of damage and cost for its repair. You can consider using the Spiked Bat because it also has a good capacity for damage and its repair requires less scrap than the Bat Ax.
When you have the abilities "Hard Hitter" and "Home Run", the Spiked Bat is able to finish the Freakers with 1 stroke in the day and 2 strokes in the nights. In addition to all these good points in favor, the Spiked Bat can be unlocked before the Bat Ax. For the start of the game, the Spiked Bat is the best. One recommendation is that you always repair it before it breaks with the "Field Repairs" ability.

Bonus Days Gone: Recommended Skills

Although previously we mentioned them in the previous section, it's good to make clear that you acquire these skills since they will be very effective and beneficial.

For the melee you can not miss the abilities "Hard Hitter" and "Home Run", as they can greatly increase the damage caused in this type of combat.

Another very important skill is the "Field Repairs" which will allow you to recover your weapons by disposing of scrap in quantities and the "Hawkeyed", which gives you a lot of help in aspects of survival such as searching for necessary resources.

Best weapons at the start of Days Gone

Given that at the start of Days Gone you will not have many available firearms with which to defend yourself, nor of large quantities of ammunition, clearly the best weapons to start are the aforementioned Spiked Bat, the Crossbow and the Silenced Pistol.

Since the best alternative is to maintain stealth, the Crossbow is perfect because it makes no noise and is very effective if you make sure to shoot in the upper body or head, which kills the enemy instantly. In addition, you will never run out of ammunition, provided there is a tree nearby and less if you also have the survival skill "Hawkeyed", which will appear marked on the map the trees you can use.

As for the Silenced Pistol, it's ideal for use on human enemies, especially when you are looking to shoot directly at the head. The trouble is that at the beginning you will not be able to carry many ammunition.

As for the Spiked Bat, there is not much to say, given that many good aspects were mentioned before. In short, it's capable of killing the Freakers, being even more effective in the day than at night.

Finally, for the worrying hordes, the use of explosives such as Pomegranates, Molotovs or Pipe Pumps, together with a Shotgun, are very good companions.

Now you're ready to have fun in the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone. Tell us how it was in the comment box or if you have some specific topics about which you want us to write.

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