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Days Gone Starting Tips: A Quick Guide For Beginners

2019-05-15 19:03:01

Receive a series of tips when playing Days Gone.

If you are a fan of Days Gone, the action-adventure and survival horror videogame (recently released) and you are curious to know the most important mechanics of the game stay with us, as we will be sharing a series of tips to improve your skills in this incredible Title.

If you are a rookie in Days Gone, we recommend avoiding fights against Hordas, since these matches require a lot of skill and maneuver, so first focus on improving your stats and unlocking important skills, you can use your bike to avoid facing a Horde.

Become a looter and steal police cars to collect ammunition, or you can loot ambulances to get a first aid kit.

10 Tips and Tricks Before You Start Playing Days Gone


Be stealthy and clever, go eliminating your enemies with great caution hiding in the tall grass or surprise them by attacking them in the back.

Increase your hero's stats

To permanently increase your hero's stats go to the NERO control points. At each control point you have the possibility to find an Injector to increase the health, strength or focus of Deacon by 1 point.

You must bear in mind that the Deacon health bar doesn't regenerate automatically. So to heal your character you should apply bandages and first aid kits.


Try to get the greatest variety of weapons so that you have a wide range, remember that the more firearms you have and the more powerful they are, the greater the probability that you will survive the enemy attacks. You can get new and ordinary weapons by looting dead opponents, while higher quality weapons can be obtained from merchants in the camps.

You must unlock the Focused Shot to use while you are fighting, as this serves as a slow motion mode while you aim. The focused shot serves you mostly to eliminate opponents with shots to the head.


Frequently you should check your motorcycle to avoid problems in its operation, take care of the boats and gas dispensers.

You can save the game regularly. Create manual and fast saves. But you should consider that you can only save the game if Deacon is located around the motorcycle or in a bed.