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Days Gone Release a new Updates: here the notes

2019-05-06 15:20:44

The action-adventure game with zombies, Days Gone, since its recent release on the market, has presented a diversity of problems. Reporting sets have mentioned that the game has drawbacks with the audio, in addition to errors that affect the game. Due to these problems, SIE Bend Studio, developer of Days Gone, has recently released a series of patches as updates whose function is to serve as quick fixes for some of these problematic details.

SIE Bend Studio, made an appearance on Reddit in order to announce three separate update patches that have recently reached for its open-world video game set with zombies, Days Gone. The three patch updates are: 1.05, 1.06 and 1.07, and all are available now. Also, they are easy to use and their functionality is oriented to automatic saving, discarded audio, transmission complications and other details.

Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo

Below are the full notes of the patch patches of SIE Bend Studio for Days Gone where the modifications and problems collected in the last few days are shown.

Notes of SIE Bend Studio patches for Days Gone

Patch 1.05

General arrangements:
- Solution for a transmission problem in certain locations
- Collision arrangements
- Fixed an error in which some players experienced a blockage when starting the game.

Known problem:
- Audio that goes out / muted. If you are experiencing this, equip the default exhaust for your motorcycle. "We are looking for a resolution for this problem."

Patch 1.06

General arrangements:
- The automatic save function will now save the correct number of saved in your cloud save account.
- The audio should no longer be cut or dropped when it comes to equipping certain engines and certain leaks from your motorcycle.
- Difficulty settings are preserved by patches.

Known problems:
"It is investigating the blockage at the beginning and other problems in this area.From now, if you have not downloaded the patch 1.06 and the start of Days Gone, it will remain with patch 1.05 active. Updates to come."

Patch 1.07

General arrangements:
- The audio should no longer be cut or dropped when it comes to equipping certain engines and certain leaks from your motorcycle.

Even with the problems it has presented after the launch, according to the Chart-Track sales monitor, Days Gone has taken the first place in sales in the United Kingdom.
Days Gone will also receive a free DLC in June, which includes: new survival mode and challenges centered on the bicycle, the horde of zombies and combat. All this according to official announcements made shortly after its launch.