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Days Gone Platinum Trophy and Rewards: all you need to know

2019-05-11 20:27:38

Sony recently decided to add Days Gone to its list of reward games of the Platinum Trophy along with exclusives such as Marvel's Spider-Man, generally, the Platinum Trophy offers for these games a reward of a PS4 theme or a PS4 avatar. However, Days Gone isn't the case, because it goes further, offering both.

Days Gone Road to Platinum Trophy Guide - What You'll Need To Do To Get Platinum

the platinum trophy is very easy to obtain

That's right, finally the fans' requests have been fulfilled, because although Days Gone doesn't have much time left, it has turned out to be a great success, because the fans have been investigating the missions and the world's open objectives of the game to claim the Platinum Trophy.

Days Gone shows a mural of game characters, including Deacon St. John (his protagonist), Sarah, Boozer and Colonel Garret. There is also an image of Deacon on his bike and a Freaker horde, in the center of the Days Gone theme.

Although the platinum trophy is very easy to obtain, since it doesn't require players to do everything, the reviews of Days Gone advise that the open world isn't worth spending time to collect and complete everything for the trophy.

Note that Days Gone is already available on PS4.

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